She never would stay in a crate as she would get out as sometimes she was too smart for her own good. Generally. Sound too good to be true? Cow Dogs for Sale: Border Collie Aussie Cross Pups 3/4 Bordeer Collie. Rochdale Dog Rescue Lancashire DOGS ON THE NOTICE BOARD. Both Labradors and Collies have been around since, it feels like, the beginning of time, but we have only really noticed a rise in designer cross breeds in the last 10-20 years. Labradors love their food, but on the other hand, Boxers can be sensitive. The Border Newfie is the second heaviest mixed pup on this list, but the fluffiest for sure, so if you don’t like dog hair, or a little doggy drool, then you probably won’t be a fan of this guy. Which is better: American Staghound or Border Collie This is our first time with this breed, he starts puppy training Wednesday and we have been training him, I am going to look into agility classes next! He will need around 45 to 60 minutes of exercise a day and is a happy-go-lucky pooch who loves his family and is polite with strangers. This Premium Listing has a high priority placement,appearing above all basic verified and non-verified ads. He is slightly shorter than his Collie parent too, and measures between 15 to 20 inches tall and weighs 25 to 45 pounds. His favorite time of day is when you are throwing a tennis ball or stick. The sweet Border Pit will be a playful character who is full of life and fun, so you’ll never have a dull moment with this guy in your life. However no 2 will be exactly the same. Shortly after getting him, my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer. What food are you currently feeding? However, Border Collies weigh a lot less. It was hoped to find the new perfect family dog, super friendly and easy to train… the perfect companion. Because of this fact, the Border Collie mix was bound to make many appearances on the designer doggy scene sooner or later. They will definitely keep you on your toes. He is possibly one of the best herding dogs on this list so if you are looking for a ranch hand then this might be the guy for the job. We got her very young appx at 3-5 weeks old. The Boxollie mixes the Boxer and the Border Collie. John Woods is the Founder of All Things Dogs and leads our editorial team as our Editor in Chief. Boasted as the most friendly dogs of all time, we can see why. It is both nature and nurture that produces a perfect family dog. The Border Point is a surprisingly popular mixed breed, who is willing to please his master at every given opportunity. 6 weeks old. Breeds: Border Collie & Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Perhaps she’s more Boxer than Lab. This makes it much easier to set them up to succeed at toilet training. They tend to have softer floppy ears and small collie eyes. Mixing the Doberman with the Border Collie makes for a great crossbreed if you are looking for a family protector, but he is also a sweetheart in the home, craving cuddles 24/7. Funny and inspirational stories are welcome, and no question is too basic. How long do Border Collie Lab Mixes live? Hi Sue. He weighs about 80 lbs. This little 4 month old girl is a Border Collie x Staghound puppy. Medium Female Border Collie x Staghound Mix Dog I've been adopted! Shollies measure between 20 and 24 inches tall, and he will weigh between 40 and 75 pounds. The Sheltie Border Collie Mix, is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding the Border Collie and the Sheltie. He will have unlimited energy and would love nothing more than to work a flock on a ranch. The Borador is the cross between a Lab and a Border Collie. His coat will usually take the brown, cream, white and black colors of both parents, but with a lot more volume than the Collie, and as such you’ll have to commit a fair bit of time to his grooming schedule. She is lanky and gangly and she has long legs and a skinny body and a funny shaped head. This is another protective Collie cross, and one that would make an ideal herding dog given his double-herding parentage. This boy will love nothing more than to snuggle with his humans at the end of an energetic day. He will measure between 18 and 23 inches tall, and weigh between 35 and 60 pounds. Their intelligence and need to please people makes brain games a brilliant bonding session. my dog is a rescue from Roumania, she was 3-4 years when we got her. They are be protective of their family, thinking of them as his herd. As both of his parents have working backgrounds, you could argue that the Border Collie Lab Mix is a working dog. He will also be very in tune with his family’s mood, and as such makes a great companion for everyone, and is very fond of the younger members of the family. The Border Schnollie is a high-spirited and jolly crossbreed who is also very intelligent, but sometimes stubborn, and it is for this reason that he needs a strong-willed master who will keep him in line. He is a lively mix who will keep you and the whole family entertained. Does anyone know where I can find a breeder of Borador puppies? This pet is no longer available On Hold Enquire about Peppa Randolph Find available pets like this! Unlike smaller, designer breeds such as Puggles. Other than that, this dog seems like a dream! After a hard day’s work, this dog has a lot of affection to give, and thinks of himself as a lapdog. They are loving, reliable, stable and easy to train. This guy needs a larger home with an even larger garden – apartment dwellers need not apply! We know they respond best to a consistent routine, positive reinforcement training (i.e. All Things Dogs Copyright © 2020 - All Rights Reserved. Regardless of who he latches onto, you can be sure that your home is in safe paws with the Shollie. She is playful, loyal, and the friendliest dog I have ever had. The Bordermute will love to pull and is explosively quick on his feet, so you best keep him on leash. Ensure the food you are feeding meets the daily nutrient requirements for your pooch. Black, white and brown are his favored colors, as are little flecks or patterns across his coat. Best thing we did!! The breed was developed to herd livestock, especially sheep. He will need a lot of mental and physical stimulation, so he is best placed with a family that can commit a lot of time to this intense mix, but he will reward you with boundless loyalty and love. Weezer is part of my family as much as any human. 4 males... $125.00: Cow Dogs for Sale: Border Collie Male 6 Weeks SOLD This is Monte- a six-week old border collie pup in need of a job. As they are mix, it is sometimes difficult to predict how big they will get. With plenty of hair this guy would prefer a colder climate. The first two owners didn’t understand the needs of this special dog. Whether she will ever be as calm remains to be seen. Possibly the most popular Border Collie mix, the Borderdoodle is a curly-haired pup who usually takes the black and white colors of the Collie. One half of the Borador, the Border Collie. Not surprisingly, the Labrador Retriever ranks number one for popularity with The American Kennel Club. It is a cross between the Border Collie and the Beagle. Look at pictures of Border Collie puppies who need a home. Much smaller than the Collie, he makes a great option if you want a smaller pup. For the most part, the Staghound has been bred Staghound to Staghound since the 1800s, but excellent hunting first cross Greyhound / Deerhound dogs are still added to the breed. Again this highlights the need to research breeders and establish the health of parent dogs. They respond best to positive reinforcement and reward, with a consistent routine. Females usually are slightly smaller. The Border Heeler is the pup of two fantastic herding breeds, so if it is a herding employee you’re after then he has all the canine qualifications. This increasingly popular dog is mixture of the Border collie and the English springer spaniel breeds. I just hope the next one will be just as sweet and as easy to train as her. She is total foodie and reward based training is brilliant for her, the description of this breed above is totally spot on! I would recommend this dog to anyone who wants a true companion that is loyal to the core. This is obviously going to have a strong herding instinct. Cow Dogs for Sale: Border collie, hanging tree, heeler mix pups SOLD I own both parents. One of the larger crosses on this list, if you are seeking a larger herding dog then this guy might be your best bet. Always ready to play and never ready to sleep, this guy needs to be placed with an active or working family that can spend most of their day with him, or he’ll become anxious if not. Possibly the most energetic mix on this list, he should only be placed with an active family that can guarantee between 1 and 1 ½ hours of exercise every day, and because he is so intelligent it is important that his exercise is varied. His coat will have a little kink to it too. In the United States, crosses with large scent hounds are fairly common. Just be sure to check out your local laws when it comes to Pitbull mixes. Sheep will not mess with the Borgi! Despite them having that happy go lucky face – they can be deemed quite highly strung. © 2020 Love Your Dog, All rights reserved. The information and content on All Things Dogs is intended to be used for a general nature only. Ideally a puppy’s daily food allowance should be split into four meals. After 3 years with him we can’t imagine a different breed for our family! He will likely crave the attention of his humans, so he should be placed with a family that will not leave him alone for too long. He is another lively pup who needs a lot of mental and physical stimulation, and his intelligence, stamina and loyalty make him a highly trainable dog, but one that needs a firm leader. The Border-collie Labrador Mix can range in it’s appearance, sometimes looking very similarly to one of it’s parents. We got a border collie/lab mix on 8/5/2019 when he was 10 weeks. Why buy a Border Collie puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? His ears will also be tall, and he will measure between 23 and 27 inches tall and weigh between 55 and 110 pounds. He can be hard to deal with when you come home from work if you work a hard labor job like myself. As with any cross-breed, the idea was to produce a new dog with the positive qualities found in its parent’s breed. Get our best dog content delivered in your inbox, including: Crossbreeding an Australian Shepherd and Border Collie has led to the creation of an extremely intelligent and active crossbreed; the Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix. The only downside is the she has a lot of allergies to foods, which I read is common. His coat will likely be a little longer, with a square meaty nose that is bound to pick up the faintest of squirrel scents. Browse our reputable breeders in Pa, Ohio, Indiana and more. Most Aggressive Dog Breeds: What Breeds Are Considered Dangerous. She was born to a well loved pet border collie. With the Labrador mix, this is highly surprising! His large and long ears will frame his face, and his short coat will be black, red and white. As the Border Collie Labrador Mix is a cross breed it is impossible to say for certain the size of dog you will end up with. But definitely the top 2-3 dogs in the world for everyone so just make time for them and you’ll reap the rewards. I dread the day when I no longer have him as a companion. Let’s have a look at the other parent. Dog Group: Herding Size: 20-21 inches tall, 25-45 lbs Lifespan: 10-16 years Energy Level: Very High Coat: Medium-long and dense Shedding: Moderate Hypoallergenic: No. Our puppy, Brady never got any formal training as neither my husband nor I had the time or energy. I will train her to be my Service Dog. We found her as a rescue in Texas and she proved to be the best dog we have ever had. Her ears and eyes would be cleaned, and nails trimmed. Despite his love for hunting he will be a very obedient and loyal dog who is very playful and sweet-natured in the home, so he makes a loveable family addition. Whilst he is easy-going, his personality will require firm training due to his strength, intelligence and energy, and he will need around 60 minutes of exercise every day. He will be super intelligent and super energetic, so he must be placed with a family that can match his exercise and mental stimulation needs, otherwise he’ll destroy everything in sight. He will be a muscular dog who will measure between 16 and 20 inches tall and weigh 25 to 50 pounds. The Border-collie Labrador mix is pretty low maintenance on the grooming front. If this is something that you can provide him with then you have both got a great chance of getting along well, and hopefully after reading this Collie cross guide you’ve met your match. 6. Staghound x border collie pups. But if you provide his body and mind with what he needs he’ll become a loving four-legged family addition. Ideally we want something about the size of a border collie, no bigger than a small labrador - … Male Border Collies typically stands 22 inches tall and weighs 44 pounds. We got lucky with a larger than average mix. It is not intended to constitute professional/veterinary advice. From a young age, socialize her. Lurchers have many varied uses. He will be a little aloof, but thanks to his Newfie genes he will soon warm up to strangers and surprise them with his lovely sweet nature. After only a few days he knew basic commands. He will have a short and tight coat that will be sleek and shiny, sometimes slightly longer if his Collie parent has a longer coat, but more than likely sport the black and white colorings. Full of love, beans, and loyalty, you’re in for a treat with this sociable mix. He will look like an equal mix of the Collie and the Australian Cattle Dog, so dependent on his Collie parent’s coat expect a little more hair than the Heeler, and a lot more patterning and color than the Collie. The Border Collie Labrador Mix is a result of mating a Labrador Retriever with a Border Collie. We have been told she is large for her age, and are trying to estimate how big she will get! His paws are to large for any boots we have tried in the snow. Staghound Cross in the Riverina with only a week to go! By the time we had her at 9 weeks the mother dog with family help had taught her basic house manners. She is a very clever little girl, and very easy to house train and teach due to the fact that. He needs a firm leader and one that he can look up to. It is also likely that he will inherit the whiskered snout. A full grown Border Collie can reach up to 18 to 22 inches in height. When they invaded, they brought their dogs. It is almost certain that he will be mixed with the standard-sized Schnauzer. Thanks to their Collie parent they have outstanding intelligence; a consistent routine with positive reinforcement and reward will ensure you have no issues training them. You may find that she needs a professional groom at a grooming salon 3-4 times a year; she would have a bath and all her dead hair would be removed. She is also highly reactive to loud noises and is wary of men outside the family. Continue Reading →, The Rottweiler, known affectionately as Rotties, is a large working dog breed known for his robust and powerful appearance. It is more than likely that he will inherit the coloring or patterning of the Husky rather than the Collie coat, and he will also be quite a fluffy pup. The Border Jack is a cross between a Border Collie and a Jack Russell terrier. She doesn't really play much but loves cuddles. As a puppy his nutritional requirements will be different to when he is fully grown. Rescue group: Victorian Dog Rescue: PetRescue ID: 737772: Location: Elsternwick, VIC: We’ve had him almost 4 months. We just lost our Lab-Border Collie mix. As it’s a cross breed, the appearance of your Border-collie Labrador Mix will never be certain. Related Videos. She also isn’t a fan of being left alone for long periods of time. He has 2 different color eyes! He is independent and less needy compared to other breeds on this list, which can be appealing. The Kelpie Collie is another rare breed, and one that looks very foxy. Feb 6, 2017 - Explore Laurie Southard's board "lurchers and staghounds", followed by 112 people on Pinterest. Measuring 20 to 25 inches in height and weighing 50 to 90 pounds, this guy is stocky, and you’ll know it when he lays across you on the sofa as he often thinks of himself as a lapdog. Because of his Jack Russell parent which is an equally energetic breed, they will have loads of energy. You are more likely to have a yellow or brown Border Collie Labrador Mix if the Labrador parent was chocolate or yellow. See more ideas about lurcher, dogs, dog breeds. An unlikely pairing, but one that seems to work so well. She has the energy to hike up mountains and will retrieve from the lake until the sun sets. Hi I have a borador he is a ball of energy but I have to agree that he is probably the smartest dog I’ve ever had and seen . I just lost my black lab border collie. Below you'll find a whole lot of common mixes, as well as some not-so-common crossbreeds that might be your next pup! With his gundog and herding parentage, you can expect this boy to go all day long, and he doesn’t really care what he does as long as he does it with his humans. They are energetic and happy; they love nothing more than playing ball in the yard and hiking in the woods. They are larger than a Husky most times though, usually weighing north of 50 pounds, and sometimes topping triple digits. I bet everyone reading this can think of someone who has a Labrador Retriever in their family? looks most like collie lab. Our new dog had a labrador mother and was bred on a family farm. The Border Collie is a well balanced, medium-sized dog of athletic appearance, displaying style and agility in equal measure with soundness and strength. Owners should realize that Staghounds throughout history have been bred for one purpose: hunting. The Border Collie has been voted by scientists and Veterinarians across the world as the most intelligent dog breed, so you can expect his mixed puppies to share some of that brain wealth, even if his other parent has been voted as one of the dumbest dog breeds in the world. He will measure 19 to 24 inches in height, and weigh between 35 and 60 pounds. Borderlands are intelligent and playful. You cannot guarantee what personality traits you are going to get in your mixed breed dog. This breed mixes the Beagle and the Border Collie. We adopted Charlie 3 years ago when he was 6 weeks old. Both parent breeds were originally bred as working dogs (to herd cattle and sheep) and were utilized for their obedience. As far as his coat goes, this mix will take on the black, brown and white colors of both parents. He is now in the later years of his life, age 11. Breeds: Border Collie & German Shorthaired Pointer. 2.7K Views. This boy will become anxious if left alone for long periods of time. After doing a lot of research I chose a borador pup. He will have a medium length coat that is thick and dense, shedding a lot! Blue Tri Border Collie 22. He will likely have a reasonably high prey drive given his hunting parentage, but probably prefer games or cuddles with his family. The Borderstiff is another dubious mix, but again he works by creating a well-balanced pup. Your Border Collie Lab Mix should be fed a high quality food. Smart, playful, social, and affectionate. Breeds: Border Collie & Australian Shepherd. The Border Aussie is an expected mix, and for good reason! So if we combine the energy and intelligence of the Collie and the friendliness and happiness of the Labrador, it seems we have a pretty perfect family dog? Border Collies become bored very easily; they are best suited to a busy lifestyle and to people who enjoy spending time outside. They are extremely energetic, so ensure you meet their daily exercise needs. The Border collie breed is very loyal and will make a faithful companion. We are looking at adopting a rescue and I was curious if there are big differences in energy levels or temperament? His coat will likely be short in length, and it will be shiny and slick or soft and luxurious, and he will more than likely have a black and white coat with a few spots. A member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, he has been a dog lover since he was 13 years old. Get one! She was nearly 17 when she passed away, a great loss to our family. Even without proper training he has been a great comfort to me. He is friendly and warm with his family, but he will likely be protective of the estate and aloof with strangers. She is now 9 months old, walks well on leash but very easily distracted. You tend to find them most commonly black in color with white markings. Beagle mixes tend to pass on their traditional hunting colors, the typical mask patterns as well as the large drop-down ears. His coat will be his most distinctive trait, with the Aussie colors and different colored eyes often making an appearance. This very special Aussie dog is 12 months old. Enjoyed looking at the different crosses. It is likely that his coat will be short and sleek and may take on any doggy color of the Pittie, but more than likely include the black and white coloring of the Collie. Falter here and expect barking and destruction. In more recent times, these dogs have taken over the internet with their famous “sammie smile!” Known for their friendly faces and unique personalities, there is Continue Reading →. This gentle, happy pooch will definitely keep you on your toes, but it’s wagging tail will always be by your side. He is lovable and sociable, and he will likely want to be the center of the family circle. His play fighting incorporates the unique ‘boxing’ technique and he will prefer to be with a family that can spend most of their day with him. Most owners of these dogs boast their dog as being the friendliest dog ever; most suited for families and the easiest to train! He is intelligent and needs plenty of exercise and stimulation. The Border-collie Labrador Mix is loved for being a stable, reliable dog. However, as it’s a mixed breed, and is not currently registered with any major Kennel Clubs, it is classed as a companion or designer dog. Consider taking up a hobby like this to keep their working genes busy! They will explore woods, hike up mountains, play ball in the yard, and chase their friends in the dog park. He needs at least 1 hour of intense exercise every day in order to be happy. Collie crosses are popular, given the working instinct of a sheepdog when mated with a sighthound gives a dog of great intelligence plus speed—prerequisites for the hunter/poacher. I called her Cadie. First vaccinations and dewormed. Thanks to his Sheltie genes, he is also a little more sociable with strangers. I've booked a trainer to visit as she now runs off chasing rabbits and hares. This mix will measure 18 to 24 inches in height, and weigh between 40 and 60 pounds. Intelligence, loyalty and stamina will create an intense pooch but one that is worth it if you have the time. However, Border-collie Labrador dogs generally grow to around 17” in height and can weigh up to 65lbs! Your email address will not be published. We’re looking to rescue a Borador puppy but have a couple of reservations. Breeds: Border Collie & Labrador Retriever. As we know this can cause fear and anxiety in dogs, resulting in problematic even aggressive behaviors. Both the Border-collie and Labrador have a life span of around 13 years so it is generally expected that the Border-collie Labrador Mix will have the same. She is super intelligent and at times can be overly playful and I’m surprised by her ability to be an apartment dog. We have an intelligent people pleaser who is a dream to train. They are active dogs who love to be social and like to tag along with their owners everywhere they can. He is a borderlab mix. I got her at 11 weeks old and she has been a fantastic companion to me for my depression. All Border Collie crosses are energetic and need to be worked or exercised hard in order for them to be happy. Does anyone recommend a male versus female? He will also need the least energy out of all the mixes on this list, and due to his size, he’ll prefer unhurried exercise. If anyone knows of a breeder, please post or email! We walk every day in as many different environments as Ican find. He will measure between 14 and 19 inches tall and weigh between 24 and 45 pounds. We will be together 24/7. It is likely that his coat will be short and sleek and take on the Doberman coloring and markings, with the odd splash of Collie white. My first was named Shadow because she was always by our side. This mix can be established by breeding either type of Corgi. I have a 9 year old borador named Weezer. Do your research; there are many on the market including: dry, wet, raw and dehydrated. Breeds: Border Collie & Jack Russell Terrier. When she is doing what you expect of her, reward her. His Terrier ratting trait will remain strong, so if you have pet rodents the Border Jack is not for you! The Brittany Border will take on the black, white, orange and liver colors of both parents. Border Collie/Pembroke Corgi cross 8 weeks old. You read that review table right. These qualities mean they will fit in with any family. Playful, bright, and energetic, the Sheltie bears a strong family resemblance to their cousin the Collie. In a litter you would expect between 6-9 puppies! Depending on the size of his Beagle parent, he will measure between 14 and 19 inches tall and weigh 20 to 45 pounds. Both parent breeds are highly active; which means your Border-collie Labrador Mix will be too.
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