Trees get 20 to 30-ft. high and can get as wide but some trees seem to have a tighter habit than others. Sites that are dry on a regular basis should be avoided as drought stress is the primary factor in predisposing the tree to attack from the borer. Native species, important for the habitat in general, are rated a little higher. This evergreen has needles that range in color from light green to a silvery blue depending on the cultivar. I modified that list by removing the non-native trees. By using native plant species you can help to maintain the native biodiversity of Pennsylvania. The state distribution maps in the species info boxes below are from the USDA NRCS PLANTS Database at instances where state specific maps are unavailable, the US distribution map will be used in its place. 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A Dogwood tree in spring. 4 | Pennsylvania Native Trees and Shrubs Lancaster County Planning Commission Terms Alluvium soil: loose, unconsolidated (not cemented together into a solid rock), or sediments, eroded, deposited, and reshaped by water in some form in a non-marine setting. The times I have volunteered during giveaway days, only native trees were given out. Don’t miss this one. Quercus shumardii — Shumard Oak, Narrow Streets Get Trees and Plants Made for Pennsylvania. Needless to say we were unsuccessful in our endeavor, but my grandmother called the Philadelphia Historical Society the Monday after our quest and she was told that the sign was put up in anticipation of the bicentennial in either 1975 or 1976 and was directing drivers to a copse of trees in that area that were at least 200 years old. Quercus palustris “Pringreen” — Green Pillar Pin Oak, Boulevard or Park Trees tulip tree 16. Several maples (Acer spp.) I refer to it often. Have a specific question about a certain type or the best options then contact us. A List of Native Trees. There are three species of trees commonly called redwood trees, and each attains a different size and tolerates different climatic conditions. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Native Trees locations in Philadelphia, PA. Commonly known as White, Canoe, or Paper Birch, is a strikingly handsome native species that is widely used throughout our region. Tree Philly gives away free trees to Philadelphia residents each spring and fall. Sep 18, 2016 - Trees, shrubs, herbs and vines native to Philadelphia and the Schuylkill River Watershed (from PA Floral Atlas, Morris Arboretum website). The crown spread is highly variable with some specimens being very narrow and upright in form and others having a spread of 40 to 50 feet. The cultivars available offer options of yellowish needles, an upright columnar form and a low weeping form. sweet birch 21. This appendix is several pages long. If your tree will be planted on a street, a tall canopy tree will grow strong enough to withstand a car backing into it. Trees shade the yard in summer, add oxygen to the air, and create beauty with their flowers and fall foliage. The PA Native Plant Society ( and the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) PLANTS Database … Outside of its native China, where it has a host of pests, parasites and diseases to keep it in check, tree-of-heaven (Ailanthus altissima) fails to live up to its common name. Find 7 listings related to Native Trees in South Philadelphia on Forest Pansy is a nice purple leaf variety with the purple color fading somewhat through the summer. Large red friut form in the early fall that give excellent ornamental value and are prized by wildlife. In Philadelphia, sugar maple, hemlock and basswood are some trees that are potentially at risk, the parks department said. Of course, this also means that there are some trees that do extremely well in our climate. Acer palmatum – Japanese Maple Our favorite best ornamental trees for Southeastern PA gardens are Japanese Maple trees which add grace and beauty through the seasons. While one tree might do really well in our warm, humid summers, it might not do as well in our colder, harsh winters – or the opposite. It grows at a medium to fast rate 50 to 70 feet in height with a 25 to 40 foot spread. Quercus bicolor — Swamp White Oak The 45- to 50-foot height and 25- to 35-foot spread limits its usefulness around structures. Native Pennsylvania trees range from tall, narrow conifers to wide, spreading deciduous shade trees. Acer rubrum “Red Sunset” — Red SUnset Red Maple National Arbor Day is always the last Friday in April, plant a tree to celebrate and thank the gift of the trees. Menu. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, there are 134 native and 62 introduced species of trees … Fairmount Park provides a “Recommended Street Tree List” that consists of both native and non-native trees. Soil should be well drained and acidic. It is just that those extra trees are not native to Philadelphia. Property owners, including both residential and commercial properties, can request free street trees from the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Street Tree Management Division. Pennsylvania is home to a wide variety of trees, some living no where in the world, not to mention some of the oldest and longest living in the world. Reed calls the study on the seed viability of the trees "very eye-opening," considering it is now found in just about every county in the state. But they are also essential as living filters, removing pollution from the air we breath and the water we drink. Knowing the correct type of trees on your property will help ensure you get the best service and value. The tree decorates many decks and patios in homes across Philadelphia. The fall color can be an excellent red, but this can be variable. I hope you find my website useful. Philadelphia Trees is a pocket-sized resource for identifying the native trees, commonly encountered exotics, and popular ornamentals of the Philadelphia metropolitan area and adjacent counties in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Here is a list of Trees found in the Philadelphia area and their defining characteristics. Hawthorns. Quercus montana. There are a number of named varieties of ginkgo available, and selecting from these is the best means for attaining a male clone with the form and characteristics desired. chestnut oak 18. Among evergreens that drop one-year-old foliage are laurel, holly, white pine, and arborvitae. Find 7 listings related to Native Trees in Philadelphia on Good Host Plants is a native plant nursery located in Philadelphia, PA. We supply straight-species native plants with genetics of local provenance to the Mid-Atlantic – best bests for attracting butterflies, moths, bees, other beneficial insects, and songbirds. Do you by chance have a list or any suggestions as to who would have one? Young Austrian pines have a dense pyramidal form, but as they mature they become broad, slightly flat-topped trees. It can require hundreds of years, if not longer, for nature to regenerate the varied mix of native climax forest trees once present on cleared land. Applications of an antidessicant should be made in early winter to minimize winter damage. Fruit is a dark pod and sometimes can make a tree look a little ratty if it has a lot of pods. Carya ovata. There are more than seven hundred varieties in which to choose from in upright and cascading forms in … Commonly known as Kousa Dogwood or Korean Dogwood, is a small to medium sized tree with a slow to moderate growth rate and ultimately reaches a height of 20 to 30 feet with an equal spread. It can also serve as a backdrop for other shrubs or small flowering trees where there is a need for contrasting foliage. Richter, Daniel K. Facing East from Indian Country: A Native History of Early America. In addition, at least 21 large native shrubs sometimes grow to tree size and form. inermis — Thornless Cockspur Hawthorn Collins Nursery 773 Roslyn Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038 5400 Lindbergh Blvd., Philadelphia, PA 19143 Bartram's Garden features Pennsylvania native trees, shrubs, vines, herbaceous material, and seeds. The most widely recognized ‘problem’ with the Ginkgo is the heavy fruit production by the females. This tree is best suited to moist well drained soils, but will tolerate dry locations in full sun to partial shade. Among these are the many types of nut-bearing trees. This tree is relatively disease and insect free, and offers probably the most handsome and graceful appearance of all the available evergreens. Abies balsamea. This tree has the distinction of being the one of the oldest living trees with some estimates dating it back 200 million years. In Cheyenne, Wyoming, where the trees are few and far between, they have a T-shirt showing of “The Wyoming State Tree.” It’s a photo of a telephone pole! For cooling shade from that scorching Pennsylvania summer sun, we suggest Tulip Poplars, Autumn Blaze Maple Trees , or Purple Autumn Ash Trees .
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