Black cardamom star fruit jam, long pepper, toasted brioche. One tiny little complaint might be it was a little too warm sitting by the windows; next time we'll try asking for a cooler spot. My husband had the beef filet, starting with the wild mushroom soup, I had the Vichyssoise and Sand Dabs. Read more, See this menu on Bern's Steak House's site, Fried Green Tomatoes & Buffalo Mozzarella. Every detail is attended to, and the result is one of the best dining… A golden osetra, prized for its unique light color, only 20% of harvest produces such highly sought after pearls. Sturgeon may come from almost anywhere, and the caviar will be much the same. They don't seem terribly concerned about building a repeat-customer clientele. Grey to black in color. A selection of east and west coast when available. It's my brother's favorite place for Palm Springs dining. The key is to use the … The pork chop was perfectly cooked and very moist. By the time the pasta course came, I'd filled up so much on bread rolls and the soup that I couldn't even eat half of it. I know, for a fact, I will NOT be revisiting this trap ever…. I felt my drink was watching me. Classic soup of fresh leaks and potatoes with herbs, spices and fresh cream blended to a rich and creamy soup to serve either hot or cold. SuperUberGoober :) Rating: 3 stars 07/17/2009. Served with traditional accompaniments and toasted brioche. But boy have things gone down hill. But here's the problem if there were berries in it why didn't he find one until halfway through eating it? 4 tbsp. Add the leeks and a heavy pinch of salt and sweat for 5 minutes. (By this time it is now 9:15). Chop the leeks into small pieces. For budget-conscious diners and families, Lulu offered a $19.99 3-course "feast" that was advertised in prominent signage throughout the restaurant. Although the old Chasen's, I think, used to have it … The processing, however, will vary with the producer. MP3 Music Listen with Music Unlimited. Preparation. My guess a misfire in the kitchen, but hey, we'll take it;  brown guacamole, or not. The food is good, the atmosphere is nice, and the service is great. It lacked flavor. Since it was a warm evening I tried the Vichyssoise, which was simple but delicious. the vichyssoise was scrumptious! My companion didn't finish it -- or his ravioli entree. It tasted like they simply took mushroom gravy and blended it, it had an beef broth flavor. It was tasteless and it was so dry it felt like i was eating a cardboard box. Although rather pricey, the by-the-glass selections are varied and well chosen.I forecast that LULU will be a success, but probably with tourist business rather than repeat local clientele. my daughter and I enjoyed this restaurant very much. My friend was unimpressed with her quesadilla (literally a tortilla with melted American cheese--what any latchkey kid could make on his own) and at $13.99, not worth it. I had a cucumber soup it was very good. This is my first time posting anything on yelp but I had to write something.My friends and i came across LuLu's when we were window shopping. Vichyssoise Soup $ 7.99. From a trip in June 2012. Kudos to the wine selection. Served with house-made garlic toast. Menu for Bern's Steak House: Reviews and photos of "Cafe con Leche" Bern, Chicken Bern, Delmonico Chilled shrimp served with a choice of Bern's sauces; classic cocktail or fresh ginger cockail sauce. We were told there was a 45 minute wait - so we went elsewhere for a drink and they called us at, just about, the 45 minute mark. The service was ok, when we complained throughout the meal the waiter listened but didn't do anything about it. It was a disaster.Somehow at 7:30 on a Saturday night they also ran out of bread completely.Well as the service was sure shit 3 people at the table 1 person left the restaurant and the birthday girl was left with her cotton candy one of their specialties brought to the table with 3 of the original 8 of us there. When we walked in we noticed they hung up all their awards they accumulated over the years. Arugula, pistachio pesto, 12-year aged balsamic. 3) add the cream just before serving it, mixing it in until well-blended. Alon S. Bern's is a unique treasure. But our waiter happily agreed to wrap up the leftover pasta and my whole dessert for "the road." The manager that did it acted like I was putting him out of his way. This is so close to the Vichyssoise I loved, and you will too! Vichyssoise By Mark Bittman. In a 6-quart saucepan over medium heat, melt the butter. The look and feel of the place is unique in Palm Springs, and I mean that in a positive way.I've eaten there at lunch and dinner, and both times the service was spot on. Nothing not to like. So that's what we did. I, then, declined to order anything. It was 11:15. People were seated after us but they were served before us. I guess children don't recognize when pancakes have been sitting under a heat lamp for too long. But having been to Piero's Aqua Pazza, I was expecting at least that. Yukon Gold Potato Blinis (six) $6.90 The classic parings for caviar are fine quality iced Champagnes and icy-cold vodkas. There was no unifying theme whatsoever. For the month of September, the $98 four-course prix fixe menu will feature vichyssoise, the classic French chilled leek-potato soup, and an entree of sliced, prime New York steak topped with trout roe and served with lobster tail, bell pepper and polenta. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. The green beans weren't any better, they were over cooked and limp. I was irate. 4 leeks, sliced and washed. etc. Nothing. The portions were very generous so the flourless chocolate cake was packed to go for me. Luckily I took the free Buzz trolley from my hotel instead of driving myself or else I may have been forced to leave some of that lovely drink behind. 3 (1939-1944) [De la propagande vichyssoise] by Various artists. 1 course, 2 courses   requires, 3 courses and things were all over the place and you had to look here for this in there for that and if you wanted a different item it was on a different menu etc. We all ordered the "3 Course Feast" ; the Prix Fix menu! After such a horrible meal we at least expected him to have a manager come over and apologize or something, but that never happened. I deleted it on the app and try to make a reservation for Saturday. I can barely taste the coffee, I was so disappointed.To top everything off and saved the best for last. Au revoir Lulu. Nathan our waiter was energetic and attentive to our needs. When I was at the urinal I saw one of the employees leave the stall, walked out, and went straight to work WITHOUT washing his hands! They finally brought the and  champagne apologized. I did mention to him that I ordered my drink with olives, and he did take the drink back to the bar, to get olives. When the waiter finally came over, he asked if there were berries or something in the creme brule, after he checked the menu came back to say there were. The result is a vichyssoise with a taste and rich color all its own. me and my … But that was it just apologize no free dessert no for dinner no free champagne no free cocktail nothing. Add potatoes and stock to … The mushroom soup had an odd texture, it wasn't chunky but not smooth either. This selection is among the highest quality caviar available in the world today. Great decor and atmosphere. Vichyssoise Soup quantity. Stand out must haves include mushroom soup, seafood chowder, vichyssoise, rack of lamb and pistachio creme brûlée. Some restaurants serve vichyssoise in a bowl set over another bowl of crushed ice. And fortunately I couldn't table for 8 at 8pm our Saturday is impossible anywhere in the city. Just sauté potatoes with some chopped leeks, then simmer them all with stock until tender. This is a huge reason why I wrote a review. The restaurant isn't named after you. I ordered the Vichyssoise Soup, Linguine with Shrimp followed by the Lulu's Signature Triple Chocolate Cake.
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