Transforming culture through business


In less than a decade, Dr Stephen Njenga has managed to build reputable businesses in Seattle, Washington State. Armed with a student visa, Dr Njenga flew to United State of America in 2013 to pursue a course in Theology.

“I came to America in 2013 to pursue a course in theology. I was very excited, because I wanted to get knowledge and help African clergies and that how the idea of Day Spring Christian University was born,” explained Dr Njenga.

Today, Dr Njenga is the Managing Director of Quick Link Enterprises in Seattle, Washington State. The company host six other companies, such as One Word Digital Media, African Supermarket, Student Exchange Agent, Home Aide Training Center and Day Spring University.

Once, Dr Njenga completed his studies, he started doing delivery business around USA, moving residents from one apartment to another, and shipping electronics back home. Little didn’t he know that this foundation was preparing him for a huge success in future.

In 2017, he started two successful businesses, a bible college, and an online radio station. The bible college, known us Dayspring Christian University imparts leadership skills to African clergymen/women, while the radio station is channel to evangelize to the African Diaspora community.

Dr Njenga initial capital for the business was USD 10,000 and donations from well-wishers.

“Day Spring University and the Radio Station were his biggest break in USA,” he explained. He added, “my main motivation was to start powerful institutions that will change the culture of African’s living in diaspora, use the institutions as a platform to teach African culture and change their thinking.”

Africans are colonized every day, through lifestyles, languages, and cuisines. But Dr Njenga who is an ordained Archbishop argues that there is need for Africans to rise and encourage the world to assimilate their culture too. “It might take long, but I have already started. In my radio station, I only play Authentic African Christian Music. Our Kikuyu songs cannot be played in American radio stations, but they can play Jamaican music. This is what I want to change,” he elaborated.

He injected over 8000 USD to set up the studio, by ensuring that he has state of the art equipment, editing console and employees. The station, which is managed by a Kenyan, Bishop John Muthaka, broadcasts 12hours a day. “We have day and night programmes, we have hosted notable preachers across the world,” he added.

This vision encouraged him to start an African Supermarket that sells African homegrown products like Omo, Cowboy, Kimbo, Ketepa Tea Leaves, Maasai Beards, Curios amongst others. He sources the products from all over Africa and opens the shop on a daily basis to serve the larger population of African in Seattle.

Recent, State of Washington studies indicates that there are 30,000 Kenyans living in Seattle City and its neighborhood. “If we capture half of this market, it means that we shall already have conquered and our culture assimilation journey will have begun,” he said.

As a serial entrepreneur, Dr Njenga saw an opportunity in 2019 and invested in Home Aide Living Training School. The training equip caregivers with necessary skills that are required to take care of the needy and aging population in Washington State. To date, the school has graduated over 2000 caregivers from all nationalities. The school has been rated as one of the top institutions in caregiving in Seattle.  

I asked him, his secret for success, “when you see an opportunity, run with it, figure it and plan it. That has been my mantra.”

Despite this rosy picture, Dr. Njenga have had several bumps. At one point, he had to close the bible college, and undergo a litigation. “I had to pay over, USD13000 to save the institution. You also come across people who are not happy with your success and they work hard to pull you down and fight everything that you are working on. We have stood a test of time and we are more stronger. We always emerge victorious in every challenge that we come across,” he explained.

He purchased a land, where he intends to build a resource center, which will include a seminary bible college, a modern studio, a home aid training school, a youth center, a coffee shop, and an African Supermarket.

Last month, Quick Link Enterprise was appointed as Coperative Bank of Kenya Agent in America as well as the Pierce College exchange programme recruitment agent for Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana and surrounding countries.

One of biggest lesson is how to deal with people who don’t appreciate others.

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