ARC Equator rally organizers announce seven spectator zones

Spectators headed for the weekend’s ARC Equator Rally will be treated to some exhilarating displays of racing artistry. 

Fans will be in a position to follow proceedings of the event from seven designated viewing zones.
The first zone will be Friday’s Shakedown which is a 5.4km run intended to help competitors warm their machines well in time..Shakedown will precede Free Practice and Qualifying.

Only ARC registered drivers will be permitted to take part in the Qualifying and Free Practice.
Zones 2, 3, 4, and 5 of spectator viewing, will offer spectators an opportunity to see rally cars on all the three stages in  Saturday’s grueling itinerary.

Zones 2 and 3 will be centered on Soysambu Start and Soysambu End respectively while Zones 4 and 5 will be based at Elementeita and Sleeping Warrior.

Zones 6 and 7 on Sunday will be situated at Longonot Gate and Sawela Gate, both on Kedong.
The Ndulele Conservancy off the Moi North Lake road will be the venue for the Shakedown from 12.00hrs onwards on Friday.

Undulating tracks with varying surfaces through a wooded landscape will allow the crews to sample in minor what will be the 2022 WRC Safari Rally and their first feel of the spectacular challenge ahead.

 Shakedown will be run adjacent to the Loldia airstrip along the Moi North Lake. Spectators will be able to access the Shakedown through a Spectator Entry gate which will lead them to a secure parking location from where they can walk comfortably to the designated Spectator area.

Loldia is a Wildlife Conservancy and absolutely no walking beyond the Spectator Zone will be allowed in the interest of safety, according to the spectator guide.

To this end, only spectators in Vehicles will be permitted through the entry point.

Saturday Leg 1 will see crews tackle three stages and repeat them twice.

–SS1/4 Soysambu– 29.32kms @08:28 & 13:27–Soysambu Stage is now almost 12 km longer than it was in 2021 and will take in some interesting features along the 29km route, to include a compact spectator area near the start, rocky climbs, tricky fast runs, and the familiar sweeping sections before the two river crossings which lead to the finish of the stage in the same location as 2021. 

-2/5 Elmenteita- 15.08kms @09:06hrs & 14:05hrs–With its naturally beautiful Lake Elmenteita as a unique backdrop, the 15km Elementaita Stage will be run in an opposite direction to 2021. Elmenteita will no doubt present iconic imagery with its grey volcanic dust, lush lakeside vegetation and the promise of a clear blue sky reflected on the Lake surface dotted with flocks of pink Flamingos.

SS3/6 Sleeping Warrior- 23.05kms@09:54hrs & 14:53hrs —In the shadow of a hill that resembles a sleeping Maasai warrior, the special stage criss-crosses the natural plains before a rocky finish. The Stage will start after a Remote Refuel zone located adjacent to the Elmenteita crossroads, to wind its way through the challenging rockery that provided some incredible images in 2021.Leg Two on Sunday will feature two stages at Kedong and Loldia.

SS8 Kedong– 31.25kms @09:51hrs–After an overnight rest halt, the rally cars will head to Kedong Ranch for a 09:52 start for the first run of the longest stage of the 2022 Equator Rally, where two spectator zones have been created.






ENTRY LIST ( FIA Approved)
1 (#200) Leroy Gomes/Urshlla Gomes ZAM-ZAM (Ford Fiesta -Rally2)
2 (#3) Karan Patel/Tauseef Khan KEN -KEN (Ford Fiesta-Rally2)
3 (#140) Jeremy Wahome/Victor Okundi  KEN -KEN (Ford Fiesta -Rally3 )
4 (#9)Ian Duncan/Tej Sehmi KEN-KEN (Nissan 240RS)
5 (#6) Jasmeet Chana/Ravi Chana KEN -KEN (Mitsubishi Evolution 10) 
6 (#18) Issa Amwari/Job Njiru KEN-KEN (Mitsubishi EVO 10) 
7 (#202) Amaanraj Rai/Gurdeep Panesar UG -KEN (Skoda Fabia)
8 (#201) Giancarlo Davite/Sylvia Vindevogel RWA-BRD (EVO 10)
9 (#20) Maxine Wahome/TBA KEN-TBA (Subaru Impreza -NR4)
10 (#16)Raaji Bharij/Jasneil Ghataure KEN-KEN (Ford Escort MK1) 
11 (#540) Rio Smith/Riyaz Ismail KEN-KEN (Ford Fiesta RC2)
12 (#19)Nikhil Sachania/Deep Patel KEN-KEN (EVO 10)
13 (#5) Aakif Virani /Azhar Bhatti KEN -KEN (Skoda Fabia -Rally2)
14 (#21) Paras Pandya/Falgun Bhojak KEN -KEN (EVO 10)
15 (#8) Mcrae Kimathi/Mwangi Kioni KEN -KEN (Ford Fiesta -Rally3 )
16 (#23) Steve Mwangi/Dennis Mwenda KEN -KEN (Subaru)
17 (#47) Izhar Mirza/Kavit Dave KEN-KEN Mitsubishi EVO 10)
18 (#22) Kush Patel/Mudasar Chaudry  KEN -KEN (Subaru)
19 (#32) Edward Maina/Anthony Gichohi KEN -KEN (Subaru)
20 (#45) Zameer Verjee/Zahir Shah KEN -KEN (Subaru -NR4)
21 (#44) Leo Varese/Kigondu Kareithi KEN -KEN (Toyota Auris -2WD)
22 (#12) Hamza Anwar/Adnan Din KEN-KEN (EVO 10)
23 (#25) Evans Kavisi /Absalom Aswani KEN -KEN (EVO 10)

Maxine Wahome in action during last weekend’s Lioness All-Women’s yat Kasarani racetrack.

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