KTTA appoints anti-doping officer to help athletes exhibit ethics, fair play and honesty

In an effort to ensure that Kenyan players are up to date with the anti-doping requirements, the Kenya Table Tennis Association has appointed Ronney Sumba as its liaison officer. 

Sumba will be liaising with the Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya (ADAK) on the fight against doping in sport among the players and officials of KTTA including but not limited to, sample collection, Therapeutic Use Exemption and provision and filing of whereabouts information. 

KTTA President Andrew Mudibo, welcomed Sumba and said that “his appointment is welcome and will go a long way in helping Kenyan players be prepared not just in playing but also having more knowledge on Anti-Doping issues”.

During the National Team Pool selection, all the players attended the Kenya Anti-Doping workshop as part of their qualification to the national team pool. 

Sumba joined ADAK in 2017 together with other educators after several training sessions by ADNO (Anti-Doping Norway), which was at the time in partnership with ADAK. 

“I have served as an educator at ADAK since 2017 and facilitated several programs which included outreach programs which are set up during sports events, Workshops and Value Based Education(VBE) programs ,” Sumba said.

Simba also believes the TT fraternity will benefit from his vast experience in the anti-doping world. 
“I will help the athletes understand the Prohibited List more and help them in application of TUEs (Therapeutic Use Exemption) for those who may need to use prohibited substances for purposes of treatment.  My plan is to provide anti-doping information on the KTTA website, making it more accessible to the athletes.  I will act as a liaison between the Agency and the Federation in all matters anti-doping.”

Sumba added that his vision is to protect the clean athlete and the integrity of the sport, putting KTTA on the international map of the anti-doping fraternity.

“I advise our young players to be true to themselves. They should be of good values and shouldn’t be tempted by anyone to compete unfairly. Our young athletes should exhibit ethics, fair play and honesty  in their day-to-day activities.

These, together with other values, play a huge role in the moulding of the athletes. They will therefore avoid using any substance that may enhance performance. I advise our young athletes to protect the integrity of sport by staying clean and implementing good sportsmanship,” Sumba said.

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