Wanjigi asks president Kenyatta to stop blame games

“Quit the blame game. You, your deputy and your handshake partner bear equal responsibility for the state we are in as a nation. It’s time for all of you to to leave office peacefully.”

Presidential aspirant Jimmy Wanjigi has this morning given comments on yesterday’s Labour Day war of words between the President and his Deputy. Speaking on the occasion of Eid Mubarak at Makina Mosque Kibra, he stated that that Uhuruto duo and the subsequent handshake with ODM leader Raila Odinga had failed Kenyans as per the development agenda they had promised. He presented his bid as a an act of courage and fearlessness in uprooting this whole failed economic system and its 3 leaders.

He criticized the government for selective development and consequent neglect of some communities. He empathized with members of the Islamic Faith for the discriminatory profiling in criminal activities and issuance of National Identity Cards. Wanjigi stated that as Kenyans and in the spirit of 2010 constitution, we are all equal before the law and in God’s eyes.

He appealed to the Muslim faithful to be open minded and listen to the agendas presented by all 3 horses in the Presidential race with the heed that good leadership and the right governance can change their lives for the better.

Wanjigi later distributed food to women and families whom he had spent time with in prayer.

The Safina Party flag bearer urged the youth to not give in to voter apathy and instead invest in political knowledge as this affected every aspect of their lives. He pledged that if elected President, his government would reflect the true constituents of the country, promising 80% of state jobs in Parastatals being dedicated to youth under 35 years.

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