Kenyans asked to shun leaders who thrive on politics of ethnicity

Narok, — Deputy President William Ruto has asked Kenyans to shun leaders who thrive on politics of ethnicity.

He said although Kenyans were free to elect leaders irrespective of their tribal affiliations, they should be wary of those who thrive on ethnicity to divide Kenyans for personal selfish gains.

Mr Ruto said Kenyans should evaluate the development track record of the current government vis a vis those who served in the previous governments when choosing leaders.

Addressing wananchi at Poroko Secondary School in Kilgoris Constituency, Narok County on Thursday, Mr Ruto said Opposition leaders had no capacity to unite Kenyans saying they were engaging in tribal politics.

“It is only the Jubilee Administration that is committed to the unity of this country,” said Mr Ruto.

Present were Governor Samuel Tunai (Narok), MPs Kipchumba Murkomen (Elgeyo Marakwet), Soipan Tuya (Narok), Korei Lemein (Narok South), John Waluke (Sirisia), Lati Lelelit (Samburu West) and former minister Julius Sunkuli.

Enumerating the Government’s development projects, Mr Ruto said the Government has increased the connection of electricity to 6million households across the country up from 3.2million households by the previous governments in he last 70 years.

He said when Jubilee took over the leadership of the country, Narok County had only 8,600 households connected to power but four years since Jubilee took over the number has increased to 45,000.

“We have initiated many development projects in the field of health, energy, education, infrastructure aimed at transforming the lives of Kenyans,” said Mr Ruto.

The Deputy President told the Opposition to stop misleading Kenyans that they were well placed to unite and develop the country and yet they have nothing to show in terms of development when they served in the previous governments for more than 30 years.

Mr Ruto said all pupils in day secondary schools across the country would not pay fees beginning January next year.

“All pupils in day schools from January next year will not pay fees,” said Mr Ruto.

He said the Government’s commitment to transform the peoples lives could only be achieved through access to education among all Kenyans irrespective of their backgrounds.

The Deputy President also addressed the public at Nkorionito grounds after commissioning a milk cooling plant.

Mr Murkomen urged Kenyans to ignore the Opposition because its top leaders served in senior positions in the previous governments but have nothing to show in terms of development.

“Our colleagues in the Opposition have served in senior positions in the previous governments including post of Prime Minister and Vice President but they have nothing to show Kenyans in terms of development projects,” said Mr Ruto.

“As Jubilee what we have done a lot of development for Kenyans only four years in power. This is why we are asking Kenyans for another chance to implement more development projects aimed at taking this country to the next level,” said Mr Murkomen.

Mr Murkomen laughed off sentiments by Mr Odinga that he would lead Kenyans to the ‘promised land’ after comparing himself to Joshua in the Bible who led his people to the Promised Land (Canaan).

“Joshua who was 50 years old was loyal to Moses unlike Mr Odinga who has never been loyal to those who were and are in authority in this country. It is therefore wrong for him to compare himself to Joshua and yet he is 80 years. This is why it is important for leaders to read and understand the Bible,” said Mr Murkomen.

“Jubilee is different from the Opposition leaders because they give promises and yet when we look at their scorecard when they were in previous governments, there is no project they started and succeeded,” added Mr Murkomen.

MPs from the County said the Maasai community would not allow some few individuals to mislead members of the community into supporting the Opposition.

Mr Tunai said the community has resolved to support the Government because there is nothing they would benefit from the Opposition.

“As people of Maasai community we are in Jubilee to stay. We cannot move away from Government to the Opposition,” said Mr Lemein.

Mr Waluke said members of the Luhya community have decided to support Jubilee saying they have not benefitted from the Opposition, which they have supported for a long time.

“The Luhya community has been in Opposition for a long time but we have not benefitted in any way. But this time round we are in Jubilee because it has the interest of Kenyans at heart,” said Mr. Waluke.