Don’t make same mistake you made last election, Nyamira County residents told

Deputy President William Ruto tells Nyamira County residents not to make the same mistake they made during last election of voting for the opposition.

The Deputy President said the high number of Jubilee aspirants in Nyamira County was a clear indication that they have decided to work with Jubilee.

He said the support of Nyamira County will ensure Jubilee wins the August polls by a landslide.

Mr Ruto said “If Nyamira is supporting Jubilee how will the opposition coalition win the general election?”

He added: “This time round it will not be fifty plus one it will be seventy plus one because we have the support of Nyamira County.”

He spoke in Gesima in Kitutu Masaba Constituency, Nyamira County where he issued nomination certificates to Jubilee candidates for various elective positio who won the party’s primary.

Among those who received Jubilee’s nomination certificate was the Governor aspirant Walter Nyambati.

He was accampainied by Nairobi Women Representative Rachel Shebesh and Teso South MP Mary Emase