NASA cannot marshal 10million votes to win the August General Election


Deputy President William Ruto has said the National Super Alliance (Nasa) cannot marshal 10million votes it claims to win the August General Election.

Mr Ruto said Nasa was playing with the psychology of Kenyans by declaring fictitious figures as their support.

The Deputy President said the Opposition was using the imaginary figure to give their supporters false hope that they were near to clinching the presidency when the reverse was true.

He said Jubileee had eaten into what was perceived to be the Opposition stronghold.

“We’ve seen them talk and carry fictitious figures, which they can not marshal. That is wishful thinking and cheating their supporters to have false hope,” Mr Ruto added.

Addressing wananchi at Aitong grounds in Narok County on Friday when he received several key ODM leaders led by Francis Nkoitoi who ditched the party for Jubilee, Mr Ruto said “we have managed to wade into the Opposition’s strongholds and thus drastically reduced their numbers in our favour,”

The Deputy President said the Jubilee’s development agenda for Kenyans has forced many voters especially in the Opposition’s stronghold to reconsider their stand on the outfit and work with the Government.

“Many people especially in the areas perceived to be Opposition strongholds have now defected to Jubilee and we wonder where the 10million votes our colleagues in Nasa are talking about will come from,” said Mr Ruto.

Mr Ruto told the Opposition leaders that the August General Election will be about those committed to the transformative agenda verses those bent on propagating politics based on tribalism, falsehoods and propaganda.

“Kenyans are now more enlightened than before. Come August elections they will elect leaders committed to development and unity and not those who spent most of their time in propaganda, hatred and falsehoods,” said Mr Ruto.

Governors Samuel Tunai (Narok) and Moses Lenolkulal (Samburu), MPs Korei Lemein (Narok South) and Soipan Tuya (Women Rep, Narok) accompanied the Deputy President.

Mr Ruto told the Opposition leaders to stop coming up with flimsy excuses ahead of the next election saying they have sensed defeat.

He said Jubilee managed to beat the Opposition leaders in 2013 when in indeed they were the ones who appointed the IEBC commissioners and judicial officials among other issues, which favoured them since they were in government and in senior positions.

“Opposition should stop coming up with excuses that voters will be stolen the next election and tell Kenyans the agenda they have for them,” said Mr Ruto.

“We want to beat the Opposition in large margin so that it forgets about going to courts or engaging in street protests,” added Mr Ruto.

The Deputy President said Jubilee has initiated various development projects that can transform the lives of Kenyans especially in the field of energy, education, health and infrastructure among other areas.

“What we have done within the short period in power speaks for itself. This is why Kenyans have decided to embrace the Jubilee Party,” said Mr Ruto.

Mr Tunai said ODM party in Narok was now tattered following the defection of its key leaders including Mr Nkoitoi.

“I want to say without any fear or contradiction that matters pertaining to ODM are no more in this county after leaders who were the party’s pillar are now with us in Jubilee,” said Mr Tunai.

Mr Lenolkulal said Jubilee has initiated several development projects that have direct positive impact on the lives of the people.

He singled out construction of roads, connection of electricity, transformation of the health and education sectors as some of the projects that have improved the living standards of Kenyans across the country.

The MPs said the Maa community has decided to support Jubilee because of its commitment to transforming the lives of the people.

Mr Lemein criticized those claiming that Narok County was a swing vote zone saying the area was now a Jubilee zone.

“We want to make it clear that Narok is no longer an Opposition zone as the residents have embraced Jubilee Party because it is committed to the development of the county,” said Mr Lemein.

The legislators said their future of the Maa community was bright in Jubilee compared to the opposition parties.

Mr Nkoitoi said he decided with some of his colleagues to defect from ODM because it has nothing new to offer the Maa community and Kenyans in general