Supreme Court to hear integrity case on 21st June 2017

The Supreme Court has directed that the Advisory Opinion on Chapter Six of the Constitution sought by the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) be heard on the 21st of June 2017, after applications by MMC Africa Law.

In an application filed on 20th of April, KNCHR argued taxpayers have expressed concerns that they may elect into public office persons with questionable integrity.

“KNCHR would like the Supreme Court to make a specific finding as to whether chapter six of the constitution sets up a fit and proper test for leadership for both elective and appointive offices,” the petition filed by MMC Africa Law indicates.

The reference went on to say that some of the persons who are offering themselves for election have been found by legally and constitutionally established institutions to have been involved in gross misconduct.

The case will be heard by the Supreme Court bench led by the Honorable Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court on June 21st 2017, from 9:00a.m. KNCHR will be represented by Mr Nani Mungai and Mr Daniel Musyoka of MMC Africa Law.