Let’s all work together for peace and unity no matter the outcome of election, President tells Kenyans

NAIROBI, 25th May 2017,(PSCU)—President Uhuru Kenyatta has today challenged all Kenyans to unite and ensure peace as the country gears for the next general election.


The President said it doesn’t matter the outcome of the election but what is more important is the stability and unity of the country.


President Kenyatta was speaking this morning during the National Prayer Breakfast whose theme was Unity and the National Anthem.


Calls for unity and love dominated today’s prayer breakfast as all leaders called on Kenyans to maintain peace and care for one another irrespective of their political, religious or social background.


Director General of the World Food Programme Governor David Beasley delivered a keynote address quoting extensively from the Bible on why mankind need to love one another.


The President said Kenyans ought to thank God for the opportunity to choose their leaders freely saying this is a precious gift which they need not take for granted.


He said although the Government has made all required preparations for a free and fair election it behoves all leaders and citizens to play their part in ensuring that goal is achieved.


The President recalled where the country has come from since independence saying much achievement has been made in terms of democracy and development and Kenyans need to work hard to protect and defend their unity.


“Today, I want to reach out to them, and to remind them of our duty of gratitude.  We ought, first and foremost, to thank God, for the distance he has brought us,” said the President.


He said Kenyans need to appreciate and thank God for the past generations, leaders and institutions which played a great role in shaping the country to what it is today.


“We have a duty of gratitude to the generations that came before us: the generations that fought for independence, the campaigners for democracy in the 90s; the thousands upon thousands of public servants who keep us safe; and the Churches, temples and mosques which have been such important teachers of moral truth throughout our history,” said President Kenyatta.


The President said challenges of division, corruption and other social ills are for all Kenyans to solve even though they might not be of their own making.


“These divisions are not of our own making; they are problems we have inherited.  But even though they are not of our own making, they are most certainly ours to solve,” said the President.


He challenged all Kenyans to consider the broad principles of unity and adhere to them as they go about their daily activities.


“ Our diversity is also of God’s plan, there is nothing absolutely wrong with our diversity,” said President Kenyatta.


Deputy President William Ruto urged Kenyans to focus more on the message of love and unity as the country prepares for election.


He expressed confidence that the country will still hold together as for the first time Kenyans are going to polls as a country with no tribal divisions.


“Am proud even as we go for this election, my pride is in that we are going to this election less divided. At least our political formations are much more national. Am persuaded and am confident this election will be better than before,” said the Deputy President.


The event was also attended by First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, delegates from United Kingdom, the United States of America and other member states of the East Africa Community.