“Jubilee is committed to the unity of Kenya’s ethnic communities,” President Kenyatta



President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto have asked their supporters to elect leaders who won during the recent Jubilee Party nomination exercise come the August General Election.


They said unless they supported Jubilee candidates, the party would not be able to push its agenda if it wins the August elections.


The leaders thanked those who lost during the recent Jubilee Party primaries and who have continued to support those who won saying they will be accommodated if Jubilee forms the next Government.


President Kenyatta particularly saluted former Subukia MP Nelson Gaichuihi for accepting the wish of the people to remain in Jubilee after losing in the recent nomination exercise.


“For us to push our agenda, I ask you (voters) to elect Jubilee leaders. By doing so you will help the party push its agenda with ease if it wins the next election,” said Mr Kenyatta.


Mr Ruto said Jubilee supporters should embrace a six piece suit to enable the party execute its mandate well after the August elections.


“If Jubilee had no enough MPs in Parliament, it could have been difficult for us to execute our mandate. This is why I ask you to elect Jubilee leaders,” said Mr Ruto.


President Kenyatta said Jubilee was focused on the unity of 45million Kenyans unlike the Opposition, which was only interested in 10million voters to get to power.


Mr Kenyatta said Jubilee was committed to the unity of all the Kenya’s ethnic communities.


“Our focus as Jubilee is to bring together all the 45million Kenyans while the interest of those in Opposition is to get 10million voters to enable them get to power,” said Mr Kenyatta.


President Kenyatta described the National Super Alliance (Nasa) leaders led by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga as power hungry individuals who had no idea on how the lives of Kenyans can be transformed.


Addressing several rallies during the start of his three-day tour of Nyandarua, Laikipia and Nakuru Counties, President Kenyatta told Kenyans to ignore the Opposition saying it has nothing to offer the country.


The Head of State told off the Opposition for criticizing Government’s development projects without giving alternative solutions to problems facing the country.


“Mr Raila Odinga is criticizing every step we take aimed at improving the lives of Kenyans and yet they have nothing to show in terms of development and yet they have served this country in senior positions in the previous governments,” said President Kenyatta.


“Everyone in Kenya knows that Jubilee has initiated a lot of development projects that have positive impact on the lives of the people. Those in Opposition are just thriving on propaganda and negative ethnicity to survive in politics,” added Mr Kenyatta.


Mr Kenyatta asked Kenyans to differentiate between those propagating politics based on hatred and negative and those whose focus was on development and unity of the country.


“The August elections will be about those propagating propaganda and hatred and those who are committed to development and unity of Kenyans,” said President Kenyatta.


President Kenyatta said days when leaders thrived on politics of tribalism and negative ethnicity were long gone.


Mr Kenyatta enumerated the Government’s development projects including connection of electricity to Kenyans, improvement of infrastructure, education, and roads as well as the construction of the railway line.


He said the Government has set aside Shs 5billion for the expansion of infrastructure in secondary schools to accommodate more students saying the Government plans to make secondary education free beginning next year.


Mr Ruto said Opposition leaders were good at criticizing Jubilee’s development projects and asked Kenyans to ignore them come the August elections.


“When we build railway, the Opposition leaders say the prices are high, when we connect electricity to Kenyans, they question why we are connecting poor people in grass thatched houses, when we import unga, they question why the process was hastened,” said Mr Ruto.


“These are individuals with no plan and should be rejected at the ballot because they have no agenda for this country,” added Mr Ruto.


Mr Ruto said Opposition leaders were engaging in politics based on negative ethnicity, retarding efforts by Jubilee to unite all Kenyans.

Among the areas the President addressed wananchi included Ol Kalou, Ol Jororok, Subukia, Kabazi, Bahati, Maili Kumi, Maili Tisa, Maili Sita, Kagoto, Kiti and Section 58 both in Nyandarua and Nakuru Counties.


Governors Kinuthia Mbugua (Nakuru), Waithaka Mwangi (Nyandarua) and Mwangi Irungu (Laikipia) and several MPs among other leaders accompanied the President.