Kenya Vote Credibility Threatened by Ballot Sourcing Failure

IEBC fired its head of procurement after it failed to obtain ballot papers less than two months before the country’s presidential elections, heightening concern over the credibility of the vote.

The Independent Electoral & Boundaries Commission dismissed Lawy Aura because of “incompetence that has made operations untenable as we fast approach the general election,” the Nairobi-based body said on its website on Tuesday.

The development could result in the election date being pushed back in a “worst case scenario,” though a more likely outcome is that the tender will be awarded directly, said Ahmed Salim, an analyst with Dubai-based Teneo Strategy.

“Any mishap two months before an election doesn’t instill confidence,” he said by phone. “This raises concerns about whether the IEBC is prepared to carry out elections.

We were already going to have a contested election, but this lays a much more firmer foundation for that.” Bloomberg