We have kept our promise, President Kenyatta says as he seeks Gusii votes

NYAMIRA, 7 JUNE 2017, (PSCU) — President Uhuru Kenyatta today said the Jubilee Administration has kept its promise to deliver infrastructure and invest in projects that continue to change Kenya for the better.

From money for the elderly under the Inua Jamii programme, to removal of exam fees, free maternity for women, and construction of roads to enable faster movement of goods from farms, the President said the Gusii community could see that change was unfolding before their very own eyes.

And he had now delivered on the promise for compensation for integrated IDPs, whom he handed cheques worth Sh828 million during his current visit.

The President, who concluded his two day campaign tour of Kisii and Nyamira Counties this afternoon, said the Jubilee Government has delivered the promises it made to Kenyans before the 2013 elections.

He said the launch of the Standard Gauge Railway, the connection of more than 3 million homesteads to electricity, and the upgrading of medical services in all counties are some of the commendable achievements Kenya has witnessed under Jubilee.

Other notable achievements by the government under President Kenyatta’s watch include the provision of free maternity services, improvement of security and increase in funding to schools.

President Kenyatta said the Jubilee Administration is promising to continue with the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway on the second and third phases that will extend through Kisii to Kisumu.

The President promised that beginning next year every new mother will be given health insurance so that she and her child can access free medication for the first one year.

He said the Jubilee Administration is also promising free secondary education and a better funded education sector.

“We keep our promises. We told you we will give you clean exams and we did. Now we are promising you we will give you free secondary education,” said the President.

The Head of State who spoke in Nyamira town said the Government will also expand the Inua Jamii program that has enabled many aged people to live with dignity.

He said every Kenyan who attains the age of 70 years old will be enrolled into the program so that they can get cash support from the government on continuous basis.

Yesterday, I visited an old couple in Kisii and the old man informed me that his life would have been over 5 years ago were it not for the cash aid he was getting from the Government. Now he lives a decent life,” said the President.

The President said the Jubilee Administration has a robust plan to address the youth bulge and wants to ensure that the problem of jobless university students becomes a thing of the past.

He said the Government is partnering with the private sector to provide paid internships to train graduate from universities and technical colleges to get skills necessary for the job market.

“We want to make sure the problem of tarmacking university graduates becomes a thing of the past. We will give internships for one to two years after which they can get jobs or even start their own businesses,” said the President.

Speaking at more than a dozen campaign stops across Nyamira County, President Kenyatta said he leads a team that is confident of winning the August polls.

He called on the opposition to engage in politics of substance and explain to Kenyans what they can do for the country’s progress instead of engaging in empty rhetoric.

The President assured the people of Nyamira that the Jubilee Government will continue with its development plans for the region including the tarmacking of the Nyamira Ahero road.

From Nyamira, the President takes his campaigns to Kakamega County. Tomorrow, the President will be in Trans Nzoia.