President Kenyatta: Raila is not a nationalist, he specializes in dividing Kenyans

GATANGA, 21 JUNE 2017, (PSCU) –President Uhuru Kenyatta today said opposition leader Raila Odinga is not a nationalist but a selfish leader who specialises in dividing Kenyans along tribal lines.


The President said Raila is always busy dividing Kenyans along ethnic lines while other leaders are busy trying to unite the people of the country.


President Kenyatta, who spoke during his tour of Muranga County, said Raila was so divisive that he even cites debt waivers for coffee farmers to incite other Kenyans, while ignoring the fact that subsidies for farmers has been done on a national scale.


The President said the Government has subsidized coffee farmers the same way it has subsidized sugar cane farming and has also invested a lot of money on reviving New KCC to serve Kenyans from other regions.


“The Government has subsidized farmers across the country. He forgets that we implemented livestock insurance to serve pastoralists and that we have put in so much money to revive Pan Paper,” ‘said the President when he spoke in Gatanga.


The President also criticized Raila for statements he recently made in Kajiado which were meant to incite Kenyans against each other.


He said the Kajiado statements could not be expected from a leader who aspires to be President of Kenya.


“Do you want to be President of Kenya or President of a few tribes?” asked the President


He said Raila is busy trying to put a wedge between different communities instead of uniting Kenyans.


“Raila is a specialist in dividing Kenyans. We want a united Kenya unlike what Raila is advocating for” said the President.


He said Kenyans will not be hoodwinked by Raila’s statements because no one wants the country to go back to what happened in 2007/2008 when similar statements led to violence.


“I am surprised at what he is saying. He is not talking as a leader because no genuine leader can stand in front of Kenyans and claim that some people should leave a certain area,” said the President.


The Head of State said Raila is fond of giving a tribal slant to everything the Government does, forgetting that Kenyans are now wiser.


The President also criticized Raila for politicizing security meetings being held by all security agencies and selectively naming officers from a particular community.


The President said the meetings, being held to ensure peace and stability, are being attended by officers from all communities and it is wrong for Raila to politicize it just for his own selfish political gains.


The President said the Jubilee government has done a lot to unite Kenyans and has addressed grievances that were ignored by previous governments that included Raila himself.


“We gave citizenship to the Makonde who were ignored for decades. We have even solved the land problem of the Nubians who were neglected for so long and who Raila served as MP for many years,” said the President at Kiunyu.


The President, who was accompanied by Deputy President William Ruto, urged the people of Muranga County to come out in large numbers to ensure the Jubilee Administration gets a second term in office.


“We want to continue with the work we have been doing of transforming Kenya. We want to continue with connecting more Kenyans to electricity, to modernize hospitals,” said the President.


He said expansion of electricity is benefiting all Kenyans, better roads is helping all Kenyans and better hospitals are improving the health of all Kenyans.


The President was scheduled to visit all major settlements in Muranga County.