Let’s allow Jubilee to complete the transformation-First Lady

MUTITU (KITUI COUNTY)  , 29th June 2017,  (PSCU)— First Lady Margaret Kenyatta today asked Kenyans to give the Jubilee Government an opportunity to complete the ongoing transformation of the country.


She also wants an opportunity to complete the work she started in 2013 under the Beyond Zero initiative.


The First Lady said if the current momentum of growth is maintained under the Jubilee Government led by President Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenya can achieve its health targets including the elimination of deaths among mothers and babies.

“I know, that together, as long as we remain committed, we can achieve our health targets including zero deaths for mothers and children. But we can only achieve this if you give this Government, and if you give me the opportunity to finish the work we started”, she said.

The First Lady spoke at Mutitu  wa Ndooa Grounds (Mutitu Division) when she met with thousands of women and their leaders from Kitui, Makueni and Machakos (Lower Eastern)

Various speakers at the function including the Maendeleo ya Wanawake Organization (MYWO) chairlady Mrs Rahab Mwikali  led the women estimated at 5,000 in a resolution to remain in government  and support  Jubilee during the August 8 elections.

The women also agreed to commence a door-to-door campaign to popularize Jubilee and seek support for the ruling party.

No other First Lady has ever visited Mutitu Division in the history of Kenya, a fact that did not escape her audience estimated at 5,000 people.

She  said for the last four years she has been the First Lady, she had devoted the best  and  all her energies towards improving the health of mothers and children-a journey she would want to continue with.

“Today I make another commitment to continue the journey that I started in 2013, because the work is not over yet”, said the First Lady who is the patron of the Beyond Zero drive besides her other initiatives in conservation work.

Key pillars of Beyond Zero include ensuring no woman suffers unnecessary death while giving birth and no child dies of preventable causes.

The initiative works closely with both levels of Government and various partners towards achieving its key health targets and shared goals.

“As a country, we have made great gains in so many areas, but for me the greatest gain that is  also very close to my heart are the gains we have made in the health of mothers and children”, said the First Lady, adding she was filled with a sense of fulfillment , pride and gratitude over the past achievements.

She said Kenyans have a right to demand from the government better quality health services for their families adding that the Government is fully committed to fulfill its promises for free access to maternal service beyond the public health centres in order to reach more women in remote areas.

“The Government has also pledged additional resources through the Linda Mama program to provide free healthcare services for antenatal, post-natal and immunization”, she said.

The First Lady said through the revamped NHIF, milllions of women, men   and children of all ages are already experiencing the gift of low cost free quality health care.

And after listening to the concerns of the women from  the lower Eastern region  , the First Lady promised to deliver their concerns to President Kenyatta.

The concerns  included the creation of a new District of Mutitu, the elevation of Mutitu Hospital to a level 5 status and other matters related to water, roads, the rehabilitation of schools and matters of maternal health.

The concerns were raised ahead of President Kenyatta’s planned meet –the-people tour of Kitui tomorrow.

“Today I have heard your request and I know that maternal health care will remain the primary concern to me as it does to the Government. I promise to deliver your message to the President”, said the First Lady.