Peter Kenneth promises to deliver free water to Nairobians

Peter Kenneth has once again reiterated on his promise to deliver free water to Nairobians and especially slum dwellers within one year of his reign as the city boss. Speaking in Harambee Ward, which is his 35th ward since he started visiting the various wards in Nairobi County, the leading independent gubernatorial aspirant stated that he grew up in Nairobi when water was readily available and taps were ever flowing.

He went ahead to state that all Nairobi water comes from Gatanga and having been a member of parliament for Gatanga, he understands the dynamics in the city water sector. He blamed cartels colluding with the current leadership for blocking water at various points so that they can have business opportunities.

He promised to employ the youths being used to seal the water at various points and give them an opportunity in the sector as they help in supplying water in all Nairobi households.

PK further stated that he would ensure that all health facilities are properly stocked all year and that all the facilities are rehabilitated within one year of his reign as city boss so that Nairobians can ease the burden of health costs, which the current regime is subjecting them to.

In education, PK has one again reminded Nairobians that he went to a city council school and graduated from the same to Starehe and so it is disturbing that the same schools are currently performing dismally and parents are forced to pay heavily for education in private schools. He made it clear that he will restore the lost glory of the schools once in office and this he will do within one year.

The crowd was so much amazed by his understanding of the various issues affecting Nairobians. At some point a section of the crowd was heard shouting, ‘hatutaki vipindi tunataka maendeleo na wajue suti imeraruka’ to insinuate that it is time to elect development oriented leaders and that there will be no six piece voting.

Harambee ward is in Makadara, an area associated with the current senator who is also eyeing the gubernatorial seat having served as the area Mp but funny enough, majority of the people dismissed him as a non performer full of theatrics and assured PK of their votes come August elections.