Opposition leaders are captives to cartels who are funding their party. DP Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto on Wednesday took Jubilee campaigns to Tana River and Kilifi Counties, saying the Opposition leaders were captive to cartels who were funding their party.


Mr Ruto said reports that the National Super Alliance (Nasa) was being rocked by confusion because of two different manifestos was a clear indication that the leaders focus for leadership was to pursue wealth through business deals at the expense of serving Kenyans.


Addressing rallies in Bura, Magarini, Kaloleni, Ganze and Chonyi grounds during his long-day campaigns in the two Counties, the Deputy President said one of the manifestos was meant to take care of the interests of the corruption cartels funding Nasa campaigns.


Governor Hussein Dado (Tana River) MPs Ali Wario (Bura), Halima Ware (Women Rep), Hussein Dukicha (Galole), Harrison Kombe (Magarini), Gideon Mungaro (Kilifi North) and former Garsen MP Danson Mungatana were present.


Mr Ruto said the other manifesto, which was recently launched, was just a cover up of the reality, saying the fact remains that Nasa leaders have already mortgaged the country.


“It is now clear that one of the manifestos explains how the corruption cartels will get kickbacks in form of tenders to be awarded to dubious projects like the Anglo Leasing if Nasa forms the next Government,” said Mr Ruto.


“You have now heard that our friends in the Opposition are embroiled in confusion because of two different manifestos. This is evident that they are not interested in servicing Kenyans but to go after tenders if they win the August polls,” said Mr Ruto.


“No wonder they have been rushing to court to block tenders including the SGR tender, the BVR tender and the printing of ballot papers tender not knowing that Kenyans are more intelligent than them. Voters have now known the truth and should therefore ignore them at the ballot,” he added.

Mr Ruto challenged Nasa to come clean on the manifesto debacle and who were behind them.

Mr Ruto asked voters in the coastal region to elect leaders who will serve them and not selfish interests.


He cautioned voters against electing power hungry individuals who are only worried about their own selfish interests and not that of the people.


“The truth has clearly come out about the Nasa team. It’s now upon Kenyans to make informed choices and elect Jubilee leaders who have the transformative agenda of this country,” said Mr Ruto.


Mr Dado hit out at Nasa leaders for failing to give an alternative agenda for the country and instead criticizing Jubilee projects and yet they have nothing to show in terms of development when they served in the previous regimes.

He said Opposition leaders have been undermining the work of IEBC including demanding the cancellation of the printing of ballot papers tender, saying they were not ready for the August polls.


“Let’s not beat around the bush. Nasa leaders want the August 8, elections to be postponed because they are not ready. They are now applying delaying tactics and that’s why they want the printing of ballot papers stopped,” said Mr Dado.


He told Opposition leaders to be ready to concede defeat and allow President Uhuru Kenyatta to continue with the Jubilee agenda of transforming the lives of Kenyans.


Mr Mungaro said after four years of devolution, Kilifi County remained underdeveloped despite huge amounts of money dispatched to the area, saying Governor Amason Kingi has failed to revive tourism and no industries to employ the youth.


“Mr Kingi must account on how he has used the funds he has received from the national government for the last four years because there is no single project that Governor Kingi has initiated and which the people of Kilifi can be proud of,” said Mr Mungaro.


Mr Wario said residents of Tana River would this time round give more than 85 percent of total votes cast to Jubilee unlike in 2013 when the party got 40 percent only.


He said the projects, which have been initiated by Jubilee in the last four years, have improved the economic status of the people and that of the County, saying voters have embraced Jubilee.


The Deputy President said the greed for power by the Opposition is betrayed by the manner in which they are obsessed with creating more positions for themselves in disregard of the Constitution.


“The Opposition leaders have no clue on how to move the country to the next level of development and prosperity because their agenda is only to get rid of Jubilee from power without an alternative agenda for the nation,” said Mr Ruto.


He wondered why the Opposition leaders were now talking about change when they failed to deliver when they served in the previous regimes.


“The only thing Nasa leaders have in common is that Jubilee must go. If you ask them to give their agenda for Kenyans, they just insist Jubilee must go. They are all jokers because they don’t understand why they want to lead,” said Mr Ruto.


Mr Ruto who listed the achievements of the Jubilee Administration especially in the areas of roads, energy, water, health and education said Kenyans would enjoy better services if Jubilee was given another chance to lead the county come August elections.


The Deputy President said counties have been allocated billions of shillings to expand agriculture, wondering why the national government was being blamed on the current unga (maize flour) shortage.


He also asked the management of Agricultural Finance Corporation (AFC) to review  loans owed by  farmers in Tana River since President Uhuru Kenyatta had waived the money when he recently visited the County.