President Kenyatta visits Lamu, Tana River, pledges terrorists will be met with deadly force

GARSEN, 17 JULY 2017 (PSCU) – President Uhuru Kenyatta visited Lamu and Tana River counties today, promising to meet fire-with-fire in the war against terrorists, while promising to continue with the Government’s heavy investment in infrastructure to spur prosperity.

In the Lamu towns of Kizingitini and Mpeketoni, and in Garsen in Tana River County, the President said that security forces had intensified their hunt for terrorists in Boni forest, and he had given directives for them to be pursued wherever they were, and “we shall bury them.”

The President said no one had the right to take away the life of any other person, and that was why he had decided that “fire must be met with fire”.

“Our citizens are losing their lives. Our security forces are losing their lives. My Principal Secretary was wounded here a few days ago,” the President told a rally in Kizingitini. “We have to deal with these terror mongers. I have no apologies to make in taking the tough measures were are taking.”

The President and his deputy William Ruto spoke of the giant steps taken in investing in infrastructure — roads, schools, water, health care, the new port at Lamu and Lapsset projects — over the last four-and-a-half years, and said that the foundations for prosperity were all done.

“Now is the time to give us five more years. Allow us to complete the job,” the President said.

“This is about getting more jobs for our young people. It is about improving security and entrenching peace. It is about ensuring that our security is sustained because of our commitment to getting communities to work with each other,” the President said in Garsen.

President Kenyatta said the Government will continue enhancing development efforts in Tana River County.

He said a project to supply water for irrigation through a mechanism that uses gravity is now complete and would supply water at a cheap cost.

The President said the road network in the area will be upgraded, including linking it with the transport corridor to North Eastern Kenya and Ethiopia.

The Head of State congratulated the residents of the county for abandoning tribal conflicts that have traditionally retarded development in the region.

“Congratulations for ending the inter-tribal conflicts that have previously affected this region. Our only problem is one of terrorism coming from outside and we will deal with it,” said the President.

He said the security forces will work closely with the local population to bring an end to the problem of terrorism in the region.

The Deputy President said the Government has worked hard to develop the whole of Kenya and every region has benefited.

He said advanced medical care, which residents previously sought in Mombasa or Nairobi, are now available in Hola and Garsen, thanks to the Managed Equipment Services.

The President and his deputy spoke at a rally at Garsen grounds, which was also addressed by Governor Hussen Dado and other leaders.