Coca Cola Africa Foundation Donates 43M KSH of Medical Supplies and Equipment to Pumwani Maternity Hospital

NAIROBI, Kenya, July 21st, 2017 – Today, marked the ceremony of The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation’s (TCCAF), donation of KSH. 43, 638, 162 million (US$419,800) worth of life saving medical supplies and biomedical equipment to Pumwani Maternity Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya. The delivery of assorted medical equipment and consumables, with a focus on maternal health and the care for newborns, has been delivered to the maternal and children’s ward.


Speaking at the ceremony, The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation, President, Dr. Susan Mboya said, “The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation and our partners are honored to make this delivery to Pumwani Maternity Hospital. This project has been a great and growing success so far, and we look forward to working with our partners to improve lives across more communities and more counties.”


The donation was made possible through the partnership between TCCAF and Medshare International. Through harnessing the power of this coalition, TCCAF is able to get life-saving medicines and medical supplies to the people that need them most.


MedShare sent the shipment donation to Pumwani Maternity Hospital, funded by TCCAF, which contained more than 21,400 pounds of medical supplies, including 42 pieces of biomedical equipment desperately needed to help deliver babies, treat pregnant women, and strengthen the capacity of the local health system. An ultrasound unit, an operating table, an incubator, a birthing bed, a maternal examination table, and two infant warmers were just a few of the critical items included in this donation.


“The barriers to maternal death and wellbeing are preventable. And ensuring adequate medical supplies and quality biomedical equipment are available to all is part of that prevention, Dr.Mboya concluded.


The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation (TCCAF) is an entity funded through Coca-Cola that is concerned with community enhancement projects throughout Africa. To date, through the MedShare partnership, TCCAF has sent 19 shipments of donations worth US $4.3 million serving more than 237,000 patients and equipping nearly 8,500 healthcare professionals across Kenya.