Kenyan leader pledges millions of jobs within five years

NAIROBI, July 23 (Xinhua) — Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta who is seeking his reelection pledged on Sunday to create about 6.5 million extra quality jobs, especially for the youth, over the next five years.

Kenyatta, who held a live chat on his official Facebook page where he answered questions from Kenyans about his administration’s action plan, said that he has put in place an Action Plan for more jobs and lower prices that will build on the progress from the last four years into real benefits for all Kenyans.

“My Action Plan will transform the progress we have made over the last four years, into real benefits for all Kenyans. Over the next 5 years, my government will create 6.5 million extra quality jobs, especially for the youth,” Kenyatta told his three million Facebook followers.

The live chat which lasted about 45 minutes, saw Kenyatta who is seeking another five-year term, discuss a variety of topics including corruption, security and the Aug. 8 polls.

“We all have to play a role in the fight against corruption and I am committed as an individual and a President to fighting corruption,” he said.

Kenyatta underlined his commitment to fight the vice and urged the judiciary to play its part in ensuring that justice is served to the culprits.

He also urged Kenyans to be alert and play an active role in fighting graft, saying the war against corruption will succeed if all citizens are involved.

“My government is the first to set up a multi-agency team to curb corruption, which has always been present over the years,” he added.

Kenyatta pledged to beef up security before, during and after the August elections, calling on all Kenyans to uphold peace and live together in harmony.

“All Kenyans must adhere to the principles of unity, democracy and peaceful coexistence especially as we prepare for this general election,” he said.

We roundly and loudly reject the politics of division and incitement. No matter the results of the election, we must love one another as we love ourselves,” Kenyatta added.

The live online conversation, the first of its kind, presented Kenyans the opportunity to hear the president talk directly about his Action Plan.

“I want to have a candid conversation with all Kenyans, a conversation about the progress we have made and the policies for the future, not politics and power-games,” Kenyatta said.

He pointed out that over the last four years his administration has built the foundations for prosperity and created over 2.5 million new jobs by investing in infrastructure, roads, rail and electricity to support job-creating businesses and help farmers deliver their produce to market.

“We have ensured more Kenyans have access to quality education and health care. And we have taken the fight to Al-Shabaab to make this country safer for every Kenyan family,” the president said.

He noted that many Kenyans were still struggling, saying that he will deliver his transformational plan because he has already built the foundations for prosperity and only needs the next five years to finish the job.

“Many of our youth who study and work hard can’t find jobs, high food prices still leave many families hungry, and our manufacturing sector has not yet delivered enough new jobs and higher wages,” the president said.

He assured that in the next five years his administration will continue to invest in infrastructure, education and training, small enterprises and a 21st Century high-tech economy that will drive prosperity and job creation for all.

“With my Action Plan, I will take immediate action to ensure that this progress means a lower cost of living for you and your family, Kenyatta assured Kenyans.

He reiterated his directive to foreign contractors that they must to employ locals in their projects.

President Kenyatta said by investing in farming and markets, transport and trade, his administration has been able to build the foundations for food security, protection against drought and better transport links for food delivery.

He vowed to connect the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), roads, electricity to what he said will be massive creation of jobs.

“We have a plan to build a light rail network in Nairobi, extend the SGR to Naivasha to Narok, then through to Kisumu,” he said.