Kilimo urges Kerio residents to elect leaders who promote peace

MARAKWET- JULY 26, 17.  FORMER cabinet minister Linah Jebii Kilimo has asked communities living along the Kerio Valley to elect leaders irrespective of their political parties who are sincere and committed to promote peaceful coexistence among border residents.
Addressing campaign meetings in Endo, Talai and Kaben locations yesterday, Mrs. Kilimo who is running for Marakwet East Parliamentary seat as an independent candidate, said peace among members of Pokot and Marakwet communities was vital for accelerated development.
Mrs. Kilimo said the problem of insecurity that has persisted for long along the valley would only be solved if residents elected leaders who have the willingness and the commitment to work with the provincial administration and police in addressing the matter.
“It’s true that no one has peace in his or her pockets but matters of security needs genuine commitment and sincerity on the part of leaders in looking for lasting solution to the problem,” said Mrs. Kilimo.
“No one should cheat you that the government is solely to blame for insecurity problems along the valley because it is the primary duty of elected leaders especially MPs to take the lead in spearheading peace efforts to ensure people live harmoniously among themselves and with their neighbors,” added Mrs. Kilimo.
Mrs. Kilimo hit out at the current MP Kangogo Bowen for misleading voters in the area that someone contesting an independent candidate has no capacity to solve their problems because the government will sideline him or her.
“The MP should tell the people of Marakwet East what he has done for them instead of misleading them. Voters are not interested in political parties but a servant leader,” said Mrs. Kilimo.
“I was elected to Parliament through little known Kenda party in 2007 but was appointed assistant minister because of my development track in Marakwet East that peaks for itself,” added Mrs. Kilimo.
She asked youths to take the lead in guiding voters in electing quality leaders who will address their challenges including unemployment and lack of good business environment.
Mrs. Kilimo said unless the youths take advantage of the election period to influence the election of people who share their aspirations, issues affecting them would not be addressed.
The former Anti-FGM chairperson urged the youth to ignore leaders who bribe them ahead of the August polls because they have no strategy on how to address their challenges.
She said the future belonged to them and should therefore take advantage of the opportunity to elect leaders who can address their challenges.
“Once someone has bribed you, the next time you will see such a leader in the constituency is after another five years. You will be the one to suffer for such a period because there will be no one to solve your problems,” Mrs. Kilimo told the youth.
If we vote in the wrong people, we get the wrong results. This means that if the youth vote in people for the wrong reasons, they have  no reason to question the policy outcomes in future,” she added..  
Kerio Youths Association chairman Joel Kimaiyo urged youths to vet all individuals eying for the Marakwet East Parliamentary seat to ensure the right candidate takes over.
 “During the time of Mrs. Kilimo, peace was prevailed while education and agricultural sectors were doing quite well but currently very minimal development projects are being implemented,” said Mr Kimaiyo.
He stressed that they will ensure only development oriented leaders are elected during August 8, general election.
The residents said there was poor utilization of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), adding needy children were not supported to proceed with education.