Opposition told to stop dragging the military and policeinto election matters.

Deputy President William Ruto on Tuesday intensified Jubilee campaigns by holding six rallies in five counties in Rift Valley and Western Kenya ahead of the August General Election.


Mr Ruto traversed the Counties of Nandi, Kakamega, Vihiga, Baringo and Nakuru wooing voters to support the Jubilee Party come the August polls.


The Deputy President who addressed rallies at Chesumei, Butali, Hamisi, Kuresoi, Mogotio and Kabazi grounds, told the Opposition to stop dragging the military and police on matters to do with elections.


He said it was wrong for the Opposition to drag the military and police on matters of elections and yet they have a Constitutional duty to maintain law and order and have nothing to do with deciding who wins.


“Let our security officers carry out their Constitutional mandate of protecting Kenyans and their property. They are not the ones who make leaders win elections but its Kenyans who do so,” said Mr Ruto.


“They have sensed defeat and are playing delay tactics to derail the country from going to polls in August,” he added.


Mr Ruto was accompanied by MPs Stephen Sang (Nandi), Hellen Sambili (Mogotio), Malulu Injendi (Malava), Moses Cheboi (Kuresoi North), Grace Kipchoim (Baringo South) and Jubilee candidates for Nakuru and Baringo senatorial seats Susan Kihika and Simon Chelugui.


He said Opposition leaders were propagating propaganda to make political capital out of ‘imaginations’.


“The Opposition has nothing new to tell us other than rigging. I have never seen the military or police engaging in political issues but these fellows are busy creating propaganda for political gain because they have sensed we will beat them hands down in August,” said Mr Ruto.


Mr Ruto told the Opposition to sell their agenda to Kenyans and woo their support and leave the military and police out of their unpreparedness.


The Deputy President told IEBC to carry out its mandate of ensuring Kenyans go to polls inAugust 8 without fear.


“Our friends in the Opposition should seek  votes instead of undermining the work of IEBC,” said Mr Ruto.


Mr Ruto said Kenyans were aware of plans by the Opposition to disrupt the August polls with a view to rejecting the outcome of the election.


“They are now inciting their supporters against the presence of security officers in polling stations to disrupt elections ,” said Mr Ruto.


Mr Ruto told voters to ignore the Opposition leaders because they have no agenda for the country.


He described the Opposition as power hungry individuals who are only interested in their selfish interests, saying they lacked agenda and have no idea of what Kenyans want.


“Empty politics will not bring any development. Solid and concrete action is what wananchi have tasked their leaders to do and not rhetoric,” said Mr Ruto.


Mr Ruto said Nasa  has already sensed defeat and that’s why it is engaging in unnecessary sideshows with the IEBC with the intention of sabotaging the August polls.


“Even our colleagues in the Opposition have sensed defeat and that’s why they are frustrating the work of IEBC through the courts,” said Mr Ruto.


The MPs said they were confident that Jubilee will win with a landslide come the August election because of the development projects it has initiated across the country.


Mr Sang, who is the Jubilee candidate for Nandi gubernatorial seat, said Kenyans have faith in the leadership of the Jubilee administration.


Mr Cheboi told off Nasa leaders for opposing the construction of the Itare Water Dam.


“These are selfish leaders who don’t care about your welfare. They have clean drinking water in their homes and they are now opposed to such projects, which benefit other people,” said Mr Cheboi.


Mr Injendi said the Opposition has sensed defeat and should just abandon the race instead of coming up with unnecessary claims of rigging.


Mr Ruto  urged Kenyans to ignore leaders who oppose development projects including construction of dams that have direct impact on the lives of the people.


“We cannot pretend to be leaders if we are opposed to development projects that can transform the lives of Kenyans,” said Mr Ruto.


He asked voters to turn up in large numbers on the polling day and vote for Jubilee leadership including all the party’s candidates so that they be part of the winning team.


‘We need to win in the first round of the poll, we want to finish this business and embark on national building,” said Mr Ruto.


The Deputy President expressed confidence that Jubilee will emerge victorious and will form the next government and continue implementing its development agenda for the country.


He urged Kenyans not to be guided by ethnicity in choosing leaders but to elect credible and trustworthy individuals who will steer the nation to the next level of development.


“Don’t elect someone because he is your tribesman. Elect leaders who are focused on service delivery to Kenyans because leadership is about serving the people and not just empty politicking,” said Mr Ruto.


The Deputy President told the people of western Kenya to stop hanging on the Opposition because it had no agenda for them.


He said Nasa presidential candidate Raila Odinga had no interest of the people of western Kenya at heart, saying he did nothing for the industries in the region when he was Prime Minister.