Peaceful elections will safeguard Vision 2030 gains

Nairobi…… Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat is calling for a peaceful General Election to safeguard the huge gains realized under the national development blue-print.


The secretariat’s Director General Dr. Julius Muia has appealed to the country’s political class to ensure this year’s elections are peaceful by being role models for responsible citizenship and acting with the dignity that befits both their leadership roles and the respective offices they are seeking.


“Whatever political leaders do at this moment, let it be for the interest of Kenyans, safeguarding key socio-economic achievements that have been registered under the Vision 2030 development framework,” said Dr. Muia.


The Director General explained that Vision 2030 envisions a Kenya with a democratic political system that is issue-based, people centered, result oriented and accountable to the public.


Dr. Muia said all democracies world over are hinged on clear ideologies that respect the rights of all therefore allowing every citizen to express their political will freely without fear, coercion or intimidation.


“We believe that every Kenyan has a right to enjoy unfettered freedom of expression through the ballot box by voting leaders of their choice in a peaceful and secure environment,” he said.


Reflecting on some of the key milestones that must be safeguarded to ensure the over-arching goal of social transformation is achieved within set timeframe the Director General cited the commissioning of the Standard Gauge Railway, development of urban and rural roads, upgrading of major airports, clean power generation and devolution.


“We are looking forward to a prosperous country where Kenyans will enjoy a high quality of life,” he said.


On national unity, Dr Muia pointed out that Kenya is a microcosm of people of diverse backgrounds in terms ethnicity, age, culture, education and political persuasions; a diversity which gives us a key strength that can be leveraged on by making sure that the political processes respects the virtues of diversity.


He emphasized that Kenyans should endevour to have a just and cohesive society that enjoys equitable social development.


Dr. Muia called upon Kenyans to support the strengthening of all institutions partly because they have a clear mandate to deliver services that better the lives of all and also because political, economic, and social institutions are the conveyor belts for collective action.


He affirmed that the peace and lower business risk that goes with functional and institutional frameworks and arrangements that are believable is something Kenyans should protect and be proud of.


“The converse is inconsistent with the Vision 2030 ideals and the great strides that Kenyans have made in the journey to lift citizens from the typical challenge of disease, malnutrition and illiteracy that is very common among developing countries,” he said.


While the electorate prepares to take different political and religious stands, the secretariat called for respect to this diversity without using this as a weapon for fighting each other.


“We can learn to respect others and their different political ideologies in a civilized manner and avoid pitting people against each other. Regardless of our political leaning, religions or ethnic backgrounds, Kenya belongs to all of us,” said Dr. Muia.