Kenyatta leading Kenyan election, opposition leader rejects provisional results 

NAIROBI, Aug. 9 (Xinhua) — Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is competing for a second term, is leading Tuesday‘s presidential elections, while opposition candidate Raila Odinga has rejected the provisional results.


The results on the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) dashboard showed Kenyatta is leading the votes at 6.3 million votes against 5.07 million votes for Odinga as at 3:30. a.m. local time (0030 GMT) on Wednesday.The partial results were drawn from 10.15 million valid votes tallied from the 19.6 million registered voters, said the IEBC. Kenya’s general elections kicked off on Tuesday, with nearly 20 million eligible voters expected to cast their ballots at over 40,000 polling centers to elect public officials, including the president.


The IEBC extended voting period for regions where heavy rains and flooding made it hard for voters to reach the polling centers in the remote northern region of Turkana. Shortly after the IEBC said it would allow presidential candidates access to all tallied results, opposition candidate Odinga rejected them.  “We reject all the results streamed so far and demand that the IEBC produces Form 34As from all the polling stations before any further results are announced,” he said at a news conference.  “The NASA coalition is concerned about the fact that the IEBC has been streaming results from around the country which are not supported by Form 34A as is strictly required by the law,” Odinga said, adding that the provisional result displays were not supported by any verifiable documentation.


The electoral body said stopping the display of the results would create further anxiety. Odinga said the law required the results of the presidential vote to be sent to a constituency tallying center before being transmitted electronically. The opposition leader said he would accept the results if they bear the signature of his polling agents, adding that his agents have not been allowed to scan the results before they are submitted. Odinga said his agents met IEBC officials to resolve the stalemate. Incumbent President Kenyatta’s party said the opposition was backpedalling on its earlier demands for the results to be streamed. IEBC Commissioner Roselyn Akombe said, “To enhance transparency, the commission has allowed the political party agents access to the results. We expect the results to continue streaming in today.”