Is IEBC ready for a fresh poll?

By Fauxile Kibet

Even as Kenyans await the outcome of the petition launched by the National Super Alliance at the supreme court challenging the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta, The International Elections and Boundaries commission has said it is ready to conduct a fresh election – should the court rule so.

Last week Friday, NASA filed its petition at the Supreme Court and also indicated that it had served the Jubilee coalition with the same.

The Supreme Court composed of seven judgesChief Justice David Maraga, Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu, Judges Isaac Lenaola, Jackton Ojwang, Njoki Ndung’u, Smokin Wanjala and Mohammed Ibrahim.

The judges now have 14 days to allow parties be served and for respective respondents to file rejoinders and listen to presentations by all parties before making their ruling.

Raila Odinga’s petition will largely depend on claims that the IEBC server was hacked and that the results collated from the different polling stations across the country were marred with inconsistencies.

NASA has accused the President Kenyatta’s Jubilee Coalition of hacking the IEBC database and introducing a formula that manipulated election results to ensure the incumbent emerged victorious.

The former Prime Minister claimed that in an independent tallying exercise conducted by the opposition, Raila Odinga won with 8.1 million votes against Uhuru Kenyatta’s 7.2 million votes.

Odinga has promised to “shed light on the biggest fraud in Kenya’s history” even as IEBC maintained that its system was not infiltrated and that they have evidence that will show that results relayed announced reflected the will of Kenyans.

But what does this petition mean to Kenyans? The court after examining the petition and supporting documents could either hear the case or dismiss it and if NASA wins, Kenyans will be headed for another election in 60 days.

All eyes are now set on the Supreme Court as it hears submissions by NASA and responses by IEBC, Jubilee and any other parties who may want to be enjoined in the case.

Meanwhile, the IEBC and the Jubilee party has said it is prepared to counter NASA’s presidential petition in what promises to be an epic court battle to either validate or invalidate president Uhuru Kenyatta’s reelection.

The case will see the top class lawyers in the country engage themselves before the seven judge Supreme Court bench.

Notable names include James Orengo, Fred Ngatia, Ahamednasir Abdullahi, Paul Muite and Paul George Oraro.