East Africa Portland Cement speeds up cement collection with new weighbridge commissioning

..New investment will ensure customers spend less than an hour between arrival and collection of cement from the factory

Nairobi, August 20, 2017: Kenya’s leading cement manufacturer, East Africa Portland Cement Co. Limited, has commissioned a new weighbridge inside its factory that will see the listed firm accelerate speeds of cement dispatch.

A new road was also built inside the Company’s vast Athi River factory grounds to support the new weighbridge, which has reduced the distance a customer has to travel inside the factory from 3.2kilometers to only 800meters, promising more convenience and efficiency for the Company’s customers.

Speaking during the commissioning, the Managing Director, Simon Peter Ole Nkeri, said that the new facility brings the Company closer to its stated goals of reducing turnaround time and delighting its customers. “The new weighbridge and the new access road dedicated to support the weighbridge will ensure that EAPCC becomes one of the most efficient cement dispatchers in the industry. Our customers are now assured their trucks will spend less than an hour between arrival and collection of cement from the factory,” said Mr. Ole Nkeri during the commissioning.

The Company has, since the arrival of Mr. Ole Nkeri 12 months ago, been engaged in a turnaround plan designed to regain lost market share and return the cement maker to profitability.

Ole Nkeri said that the ongoing operational efficiencies revamp is geared towards ensuring cement availability, ensuring speedy dispatch and speedy cement collection from the Athi River factory and, ultimately, speedy distribution throughout East Africa.

The new equipment, installed at a cost of Kshs 6 million, is a key part of delivering on that plan. It will allow the manufacturer to dispatch cement to its customers more efficiently and therefore help drive up sales volumes.

The new weighbridge will also ease traffic because it now separates trucks supplying materials to the manufacturer and those arriving to collect cement.

A truck driver, Mr. Joseph Theuri, who was one of the first to use the new weighbridge, was delighted. “Normally I used to take around 20-30 minutes to get to the packing plant inside EAPCC, but with the new weighbridge and new road, it has taken me only 6 minutes. This is a great milestone and we as drivers and Cement transporters couldn’t be happier.”

The new weighbridge has also been fitted with state of the art ICT equipment which will help to process pick slips and delivery notes much faster, thereby making cement collection that much faster.