Coca-Cola boosts its Portfolio with the Launch of Minute Maid Pulpy Orange

Nairobi, Wednesday 23rd August …Leading Soft Drink Beverage Company Coca-Cola Central East and West Africa Limited today launched Minute Maid Pulpy Orange to propel its juice business in the country and diversify its current beverage portfolio.


Speaking at the launch event, Coca-Cola Marketing Manager-Kenya, Lucy Oduor introduced Pulpy Orange saying, “The new minute maid Pulpy Orange contains real fruit juice and pulp and no added preservatives. It joins the Minute Maid juice family which comprises Mango, Tropical and Apple. She added that “the objective of the launch is to develop a diversified portfolio that builds Coca-Cola’s credentials as a Total Beverage Company”.

“Coca-Cola is really excited about the fast growth and opportunities in Kenya’s beverage market,” Lucy said. This launch builds on the success of the Minute Maid brand and targets Kenya’s fast-growing juice category.

“Every year, The Coca-Cola Company launches hundreds of new products to meet the ever-changing tastes of consumers around the world, In Kenya, we also strive to provide our consumers choice in the products that we offer. Therefore, in Minute Maid, we have a strong product that is different from anything currently in the market and one that contains the goodness and nourishment of natural orange juice combined with the rich experience of real orange pulp.


The Coca-Cola system, has invested over USD 30 million in state of the art “Hotfill” technology for the production of its new range of Minute Maid products.

“Hotfill” Technology uses heat to sterilize the product and the packaging before packing offers a significantly superior and brings world class standards to the Kenyan consumer. “We are dedicated to providing our Kenyan customers with a diversified portfolio of high-quality drinks, and we will continue to invest in the full spectrum of the beverage business, including the production, distribution, marketing and innovation of new brands.”


“We would like consumers to choose Minute Maid Pulpy Orange with confidence knowing that this is the best tasting Orange Juice Drink that gives them the taste of real oranges.” Lucy added.

The new exciting product can be consumed throughout the day from breakfast to dinner time and comes in a distinctive shaped 400ml PET bottle with the top end, simulating a real orange segment.


Minute Maid Pulpy Orange and the full range of fruit drinks come in a new attractive shape that is easy to handle and will make the Minute Maid range the favorite for consumers who want to be refreshed while on the go. The product is available in the market and outlets across the country.

Coca-Cola will support the launch of Minute Maid Pulpy in Kenya with a nationwide marketing campaign which will feature a new TV commercial, radio a digital marketing program consumer sampling activities.