Bungoma Governor Promise Tax Relief For “Mama Mboga”

Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati today promised to abolish market levies charged vegetable and small fruit vendors on markets and towns within Bungoma County.
Speaking today in Bungoma Catholic Church where he attended Sunday mass, he said this move is an incentive to our women and men who are willing to start small and grow business enterprises.
“The tax relief bill is ready, I am just waiting for the County Assembly to convene and I take it to the MCAs for approval and we do away with the market levies for the small traders,” he said.
He made it clear that the tax relief does not include shop owners and other middle and big enterprises.
This comes in the wake of him having promised yesterday to register all households in Bungoma on NHIF Scheme as a fulfilment of his campaign pledges.
He today said he is going to fulfill every promise he made during campaign in form of a manifesto.
Small traders pay Sh30 every day to display their wares on markets within Bungoma county.