Farmers lose hundreds of goats to infection disease

Farmers in Kinyach location, Baringo North are counting loses after losing hundreds of goats following respiratory infection that caused deaths.

According to the farmers, the infection that has affected goats of more than 20 farmers for one month now has caused death of over 500 goats.
Jackson Kiplalon who is the senior cheif and  a resident in the area said he had personally lost 30 goats with the whole village loosing 200 goats due to infection
The devastated farmer noted that his goats showed signs of flue and cough before they dropped dead after a few hours.
According to him, the disease that spreads very fast among the animals has caused a major setback to him and his family.
Within a short period of time, the farmer had lost more than half his goats, adding that his efforts to stop the spreading of the infection bore no fruits.
“When an infected animal came into contact with others that are healthy, they become infected. I have lost many goats in a span of one month and am afraid that I might lose more if no action is taken by the department of agriculture,” added the farmer.

Elijah Kemei a student at loiywat secondary school said and a candidate said he has been forced to stay at home after loosing fifteen goats while others was  raided by cattle rustlers,his parents have nothing to sell and pay for his fees as they depend on goats to generate money for school fees and daily bread.

Jeremiah Kipsang a veterinary officer who toured the area said that the goats showed signs of cough which he suspected to be pneumonia but said they could establish the cause after taking a postmortem in veterinary labs to ascertain the cause of sudden death,residents were warned not to consume carcasses to avoid possible calamity.

People of this area buy goats from different markets including Kolowa and Kinyach market where farmers from neighboring counties also sell their livestock. There is a high possibility that this infections are brought into our markets from other places,said Kipsang Jeremiah a vetinary officer.
He further urged the residents to report on time so as to avert such losses,

Early this year 100 patients were hospitalized after consuming a carcass of a Carmel in Akwitchatis Tiaty constituency