Residents tell county government to stop interfering with KVDA power plant

Residents along the Kerio Valley have told off the Elgeyo Marakwet county government for opposing plans by Kerio Valley Development Authority in collaboration with the Italian government to construct a multi-billion shilling Arror hydroelectric plant along the Kerio Valley.
Kerio Youths Association chairman Joel Kimaiyo told the county government to stop politicizing the project, which would have direct impact on the lives of the locals once its implemented.
“Elgeyo Marakwet county government should stop interfering with plans by Kerio Valley Development Authority (KVDA) in collaboration with the Italian government to establish the power and irrigation projects along the valley,” said Mr Kimaiyo.
“The truth is that KVDA is working hard to implement the project for the good of the people of Kerio Valley and as people from this area we should support this project,” added Mr Kimaiyo.
Reacting to press reports that Governor Alex Tolgos together with other leaders have slapped ban on KVDA staff from carrying out any activity in the county, the youths told the governor to keep off national projects.
Mr Kimaiyo said that residents are supporting the project including those who will be displaced because they will be compensated up to a tune of Shs 6billion as promised by KVDA Managing Director David Kimosop.
Speaking in Kapsowar town today, the youths said the project upon completion would go a long way in addressing problems of famine and cattle rustling incidents that have retarded the development of the area for a long time, saying leaders should put politics out of the project.
Mr Kimaiyo said the community fully supports KVDA in initiating the project and wondered why the county government was opposing the project.
He said it seemed politics was taking centre stage as far as the project was concerned saying they will not allow some few individuals to interfere with it for their own selfish gains.
They said leaders should be careful on how to approach the matter so as not to block the project from being implemented, saying the project will transform their lives once implemented.
Mr Kimaiyo said youths have greatly suffered because of lack of employment opportunities adding that the project, which intends to create 10,000 acres under irrigation, is welcome, as it will end starvation.
“Irrigation remains key to solving problems of hunger. No one should stand in the way of this project which is set to improve our lives,” said Mr Kimaiyo.
 Ends/Joseph Kimaiyo/KNA