NASA is opposed to the October 26 elections because of fear of losing again



Deputy President William Ruto yesterday said Nasa leader Raila Odinga was opposed to the October 26 elections because of fear of losing again.


Mr Ruto said the conditions Nasa was giving were a mere camouflage.


He said Mr Odinga and his Nasa brigade knew that they cannot beat an emboldened Jubilee Party and were now protesting and causing chaos ahead of the polls.


Addressing a delegation of political, religious and opinion leaders together with their supporters at the Matsigulu, home of former Vihiga MP Yusuf Chanzu who ditched Nasa for Jubilee, Mr Ruto said the party would win again the October 26elections.


Mr Ruto said Jubilee had bolstered its support by receiving very many Nasa supporters.


He said Kenyans had discovered that Nasa was destined to lose the repeat elections.


The Deputy President urged voters in the area to change their political outlook and support Jubilee come October 26 elections.


Mr Ruto told residents in the area to vote for progress and development instead of supporting leaders who have no agenda for them.


He said it was time for voters in the area to ditch Nasa and support the Government.


“Jubilee has brought change by initiating many development projects that those now in Opposition failed to do so despite serving in senior positions in the previous regimes,” said Mr Ruto.


Mr Ruto said Jubilee was prepared to face the Opposition at the ballot come October 26, the date set by IEBC after the Supreme Court nullified the August 8 presidential elections.


“We accepted the Supreme Court ruling that directed for repeat presidential election. And since IEBC has set October 26 as the date for the election, we are ready and this is why we have come here to ask you for your support to win with more votes than in August 8,” said Mr Ruto.


“Maybe it is God’s plan that the elections be repeated so that Kenyans can vote for Jubilee more than they did in August 8 because we are committed to development and unity of Kenyans,” added Mr Ruto.


The Deputy President who was accompanied by Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka, Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa (Water and Irrigation) and former Vihiga Governor Moses Akaranga told the Opposition to stop complaining and threatening Kenyans that they will boycott the October 26 polls and instead seek for support from Kenyans.


He said Mr Odinga could alternatively quit the race in favour of President Kenyatta if he was not ready to go back to the voters to woo support, saying it was not a must for him to participate in any election.


“Instead of our friends telling us that they will boycott the elections, Mr Odinga can alternatively quit the race because there is nowhere in the Constitution that says he must participate in any election,” said Mr Ruto.


Mr Wamalwa told the Luhya community to embrace Jubilee, which was focused on development, and desist from being misused to engage in demonstrations, which end up in destruction of lives and property.


“When our friends in the Opposition tell you to stage demonstrations so that they achieve their selfish ends, tell them you want development,” said Mr Wamalwa.


Mr Wamalwa welcomed leaders and voters who have ditched Nasa for Jubilee, saying they have joined the winning team.


Mr Akaranga said leaders allied to Jubilee in the county have launched door to door campaign to ensure the reelection of President Kenyatta by larger margin compared to August 8 elections.


He said Mr Mudavadi had no future in Nasa, saying his political career hangs in the balance.


Mr Chanzu hit out at the Opposition leaders for claiming that those who have defected to Jubilee were after their personal gains and had no impact warning that they would be in for a rude shock after the announcement of the results of the October 26.


“They (Opposition) have said our defection to Jubilee which we are sure is the winning team is inconsequential. I am telling them let’s meet at the ballot,” said Mr Chanzu.


The Deputy President said there was no a single development project that former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, former deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi, former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and former minister Moses Wetangula initiated in the region when they served in the previous regimes for more than 30 years.



“Our friends in Nasa wasted their time when they were in government. They have nothing to show in terms of development to Kenyans and that’s why they have sensed defeat,” said Mr Ruto.


He said Jubilee in barely four years in power has initiated several development projects and will continue to implement initiatives aimed at improving their lives.


Mr Ruto said the Government was tarmacking 180-kilometres of new roads in Vihiga County.


He said in 2013, only 13,000 households were connected to electricity, 70 years after independence but when Jubilee took over, it has connected 60,000 households in less than five years.


The Deputy President said the Government has also increased the number of elderly persons from disadvantaged backgrounds benefitting from the cash Transfer Programme from 5,000 in 2013 to 17,000 by this year.