HIGH COURT orders additional seals be put on ballot boxes

KABARNET HIGH COURT TODAY ordered for additional seals to be put on the ballot boxes as a way of preserving the voting materials in a case involving Musa Sirma and Eldama Ravine MP Moses Lesonett.
The application which was made by the petitioner,Sirma, was granted after they presented the submission before Kabarnet High Court Judge Edward Muriithi.
Counsel Steve Biko representing Sirma expressed confidence that they will win the case, after their prayer was accepted today.
The sealing process will be done in the presence of an authorized officer from the court and party agents.
He said they will use our experts to determine certain professional aspects of the elections. Experts will also be used for the purposes of the  determination of the arithmetics and figures.
He added that they will also bring an expert to determine the handwriting of the officers who filled the forms and if the documents were correctly entered.
Kipkoech Ng’etich said that they also want the credibility in the whole process and they don’t have issues with the addition of seals on the ballot boxes.
On that day they will be presenting video evidence which were recorded in relation to election offences which we think were committed by Musa Sirma adding that the petitioner breached the law by presenting himself as a jubilee aspirant by putting on party regalia.
The petitioner will present 21 witnesses.
In the same court also, a petition case involving William Cheptumo and Joseph Makilap was brought before Judge Muriithi.
Counsel Gordon Ogolla representing Makilap said that they have filed an amended motion which seeks for the provision of further election materials including form 33, form 34 and form 41.
They agreed by consent that they will come back on 12th October Thursday for a pretrial conference where we will agree on the number of witnesses, number of days for hearing, mode of hearing, preservation of the voting materials and also the venue of the hearing.