Dafabet partners with CIPLAR International in slum talent project

Nairobi, December 22, 2017… Dafabet International, has joined the Centre for Intellectual Property Law, Advocacy and Research (CIPLAR International) as a strategic partner in Talanta Mtaani, a project aimed at helping youth from underprivileged backgrounds to improve and earn money from their talents.

Talanta Mtaani supports talented young women and men in the “mtaas”- low income settlements – giving them much-needed exposure, hope and a platform to enable them break out of poverty by enabling them to earn a livelihood using their diverse talents. It does this through a number of programs and talent shows, both in the slums and on a national stage, which are broadcast to a TV and digital audience.

As part of the partnership, Dafabet has donated 50 soccer jerseys to two teams selected by Talanta Mtaani winner Tesla Njeri in support of Kenya’s grassroots football talent. The beneficiary teams are located in Nairobi’s Tena Estate, which is where Ms Njeri hails from and is in Eastlands, considered the cradle of Kenyan footballing talent.

“With this donation and our partnership with CIPLAR, we are investing in the future of Kenyan football. We are convinced that with the right ecosystem, clear pathways and sustained support, Kenya has the talent to emerge as a footballing power in Africa. Football holds great potential as a source of livelihood for many talented young people in poor neighborhoods,” said Dafabet’s Head of Business Development Chris Harley during the handover of the jerseys to Tena United Football Club.

He added: “We are working closely with Talanta to distribute the kits, which have been provided by the Celtic Foundation and New Balance. Celtic is a football club based on the shared culture of charity and creating opportunity. Our intention is to follow the Celtic way and donate as many shirts as possible to those teams and schools in Kenya who need them. We will work with CIPLAR International and their sister company, Triple P TV station to donate these kits in time for auditions for Talanta Mtaani Season Two.”

He was accompanied by CIPLAR International CEO Maurice Okoth and Ms Njeri to the function. The donation brings the number of jerseys so far donated by Dafabet in Kenya to over 1,200, further leveraging the firm’s partnership with Scottish Champions Celtic Football Club.

Said Mr  Okoth: “This is a great gesture by our partners Dafabet. Together, we are committed to creating the right infrastructure to ensure that talented youth from underprivileged backgrounds in Kenya get the assistance they need to professionalize, commercialize and earn from their talent. We believe that Kenya is one of the most richly endowed countries in natural and creative talent.”

Tena United Football Club coach Albert Alwanga lauded the donation, saying it would greatly boost the morale of his team and other youth in the “mtaas.”
Tessla Njeri thanked Dafabet for giving “without expectation.”

The Centre for Intellectual Property Law, Advocacy and Research (CIPLAR International) and Royal Gang announced their partnership with Dafabet early December and seek to offer solutions through strategic partnerships to equip talented youth with skills and networks to monetize their talent. Eventually, the project seeks to create a sustainable ecosystem by in the “mtaas” and inspiring youth across all genres of talent.

The Talanta Mtaani TV Show premiered in August 2017, with high ratings and impressions on digital platforms, proving that a TV show which seeks to support talented young women and men in the low-income settlements, can resonate with a wide range of viewers and stakeholders. The show is recorded via weekly shows in front of a live audience at the Kenya National Theatre and then aired on cable Triple P TV Channel 428 on Star Times and also on free to air PPP Channel 430. Talanta Season 2 will be launched in January 2018 as a national project, targeting eight counties.

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