Distribution of textbooks to all form 2 to 4 students in Public Secondary Schools underway

The Ministry of Education is distributing textbooks in six Core Subjects to all form 2 to 4 students in all Public Secondary Schools, the Director for the Kenya Institute for Curriculum Development (KICD), Dr. Julius Jwan has said.

“Distribution of the textbooks in six core subjects to form one has been completed; distribution of the same category of textbooks to students in forms 2 to four is ongoing,” Dr. Jwan confirmed.

KICD is coordinating the distribution of textbooks to public primary and secondary schools following Ministry of education decision to distribute textbooks direct to schools instead of sending money to schools to buy the textbooks.

The Acting Director General in the Ministry, Mr. Robert Masese, clarified that the Ministry did not retain all the money is used to buy instructional materials.

“It left a portion of that money for schools to buy other textbooks,” Mr. Masese clarified in his office today.

He said the withheld only Shs.1900 out of Shs.4, 792, from the vote meant for buying instructional materials to buy and distribute English, Kiswahili, mathematics, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

He said schools were required to spend 60% (Shs.2, 875) of the Shs.4, 792 reserved for instructional materials and other allied items, on textbooks

Mr. Masese said the Ministry sent the rest of the money traditionally reserved for buying textbooks to schools to enable them to buy textbooks of other subjects, including reference materials like dictionaries.

He said schools shouldn’t have an issue buying the books because form three and four students enrolled for a minimum of eight seven and a maximum of eight subjects for their Kenya Certificate of Secondary examinations (KCSE).

Mr. Masese added that most of the textbooks the government was distributing were from the Orange Book which has approved textbooks, noting that some of the schools already had a bulk of the books from their previous bulk purchases.