Unity brings success, President Kenyatta says

NAIROBI, 4 March 2018, (PSCU) — President Uhuru Kenyatta today urged Kenyans to remain united in order to succeed in life.

The President said people who are united and who care for each other can achieve anything good that they desire.

He spoke when he joined worshippers at Ridgeways Baptist Church, Nairobi, during a service to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the church.

“If we look out for one another there is nothing that we cannot achieve together as a people,” said the President.

The Head of State wished all Kenyans success and prosperity in all their endeavors.

“I want to wish every Kenyan prosperity. I wish every Kenyan peace and to pray that every Kenyan will recognize that we are indeed our brother’s keeper,” said the President.

He congratulated the Church on its 30th anniversary and commended it for playing an important role in faith and education.