US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Expected to Mend Fences during His Africa Visit 

Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Chad, and Djibouti are on the itinerary of US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s week-long trip to the African continent starting on Monday.

It is his first official visit and the first where the US is expected to come out with a clearer policy toward Africa, despite two top US officials, Nikki Haley and Donald Yamamoto, having already visited the continent, “Three of the countries house three of the four largest US embassies in Africa,” explained Yamamoto, acting assistant secretary of state for African affairs, during a press briefing ahead of the trip.

Those countries – Ethiopia, Kenya, and Nigeria – already have strong ties to the US, and as Yamamoto pointed out, host major UN and international organizations.

“These countries can play a really predominant role in growth because we’re looking at 8 to 9 percent economic growth rates,” Yamamoto added.

Deutsche Welle