Government distributed textbooks directly to schools out of the Orange Book

The Principal Secretary for Early Learning and Basic Education, Dr. Belio Kipsang has said that the textbooks that the Government distributed directly to schools were picked out of the Orange Book—a document that contains a list of approved textbooks Primary and Secondary Schools.

Dr. Kipsang said that the government picked the textbooks from an already existing blueprint of prescribed textbooks that schools have always used.

The PS spoke this at the launch of county education dialogues, at Maasai Mara University in Narok County yesterday.

He was responding to allegations in sections of the media as saying that the textbooks the Ministry distributed to schools following shift in book distribution policy had errors.

Dr. Kipsang said that the shift in book distribution policy aimed at ensuring all children, regardless of the status of the school, received quality instructional materials that would improve the quality learning experience.

He said rigor in the quality of textbooks informed the approval of and incorporation of the textbooks in the Orange Book.

Dr. Belio said Ministry chose the textbooks from an approved list, and whose publishers offered the fairest prices.

He said the government would not go back on the new policy, saying it was an effective and efficient method in ensuring all learners across the board received similar and quality instructional materials.

He said the content in the hands of learners was of the highest quality, one that will improve educational desired outcomes.

Dr. Kipsang said in a bid to ensure equity, the Ministry, in conjunction with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) ensure that 60% of newly recruited teachers are deployed to Sub-County Schools, and with an equal percentage of money for infrastructural support being disbursed to the same schools.

He said the content of curriculum instruction materials is always a work in progress necessitated by the evolution of the society.

Dr. Kipsang assured stakeholders that the instructional materials that the government had approved and sent to schools were of the highest quality, saying quality education is the focus of government now.