Dr James Mwangi appointed IFC Global Advisor

Joins a global board of fellow eminent economists, practitioners and thought leaders to offer leadership advice, innovative ideas and partnership to IFC

Dr James Mwangi, the Chief Executive Officer of Equity Group Holdings Plc has been appointed to the IFC board as an Economic advisor. The invitation by IFC Vice president Hans Peter Lankes states in part “We believe you can add significant value to how we execute our mission,” and further states that the new IFC Strategy 3.0 “puts a premium on sound economic and strategic advice.”

This appointment of Dr Mwangi adds to his list of global roles of honour and international service as a global thought leader and a strategic entrepreneur. “That we are now recognized among global giants in innovation and subject of study in sustainable models of growth and success in global universities is humbling,” said Dr Mwangi.

Dr Mwangi will attend the first meeting in April 2018 to discuss the impact of disruptive technology and ways to accelerate market creation.