Leaders asked to put aside political differences and address development challenges facing Kenyans


Deputy President William Ruto has asked leaders to put aside their political differences and unite in addressing development challenges facing Kenyans.

Mr Ruto said unity and teamwork remain key in the implementation of the Government’s Big Four agenda- manufacturing, housing, healthcare and food security across the country.

The Deputy President, at the same time, urged MPs and the county governments to align their programmes in line with the Government’s Big Four agenda because the move was aimed at transforming the people’s lives.

Addressing some MPs from Meru County, who called on him at his Karen office, Nairobi, on Tuesday, the Deputy President said the Government was committed to ensuring unity, peace and development in the country.

“As I congratulate you on being elected as Members of Parliament in your respective areas, I want to take this opportunity to ask you to put aside your political differences, unite and take a common stand on matters of development,” said Mr Ruto.

“You all know that providing positive development into our communities enhances changes in human mindset for the better. This is why we were elected,” added the Deputy President.

The MPs included Mithika Linturi (Meru), Moses Kirima (Central Imenti), Rahim Dawood (North Imenti), Mwirabua Kabeabea (Tigania East), Kathuri Murungi (South Imenti), Kanyuithia Mutunga (Tigania West), Kubai Iringo (Igembe Central) and Rindikiri Murwethania (Buuri).

Mr Ruto assured the leaders of the Government’s commitment in initiating development projects that have a direct impact on the lives of Kenyans across the country, saying voters re-elected Jubilee because of its development track record.

He singled out water and roads as some of the key projects that the Government would focus its attention in Meru County because they were the major concerns for the people in the region.

“We have plans to construct dams in your county to enable the residents to get enough water for domestic and irrigation purposes. This is why I want you as leaders to put your heads together and support efforts aimed at solving challenges facing the people,” said Mr Ruto.

Mr Ruto said the Government made significant progress in fulfilling the pledges it made to Kenyans in 2013 across the country in the fields of health, infrastructure, education, energy, and water among other sectors.

The Deputy President said the Government, however, was not able to complete some of the road projects in some parts of the country including Meru and Kisii Counties because of logistical issues that made it difficult to achieve its development targets for such areas.

“Construction of roads in areas like Kisii and Meru Counties, for instance, was not fully implemented because of their terrains and heavy rains. This made major contractors be reluctant to take up jobs in these areas,” said Mr Ruto.

“Presidential repeat elections that were held last October, also interfered with Government operations as resources which had been earmarked for development projects including roads during the last financial year were used for preparations of the repeat elections,” added Mr Ruto.

The Deputy President assured them that some roads in the area have already undergone the tendering process and that construction work would soon begin.

The MPs praised the Government for its commitment to the unity and development of all Kenyans.

The legislators said they would work together in addressing the development needs of the people especially in the field of water, infrastructure among other areas.

“Meru faces a problem of water for domestic and irrigation purposes as well as poor infrastructure which make it difficult for farmers to access markets,” said Mr Linturi.

“But we are grateful that the Government is committed to addressing these challenges. We want to assure you of our support in the implementation of development projects,” said Mr Kirima.

 The legislators said time for elections was over and that it was an opportunity for leaders to focus on development.

“We have resolved to heed by the Government’s call on leaders to put behind issues of politics and implement what we promised Kenyans during the last General Election,” said Mr Dawood.