Ambassador Godec & U.S. Embassy Counter Fake News with Media Literacy Campaign

NAIROBI, Kenya (March 14, 2018) – Today, Ambassador Robert F. Godec launched a year-long media literacy campaign #StopReflectVerify #YALIChecks with an email to 47,000 members of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Network asking them to take a pledge to stop, reflect and verify before forwarding what could be fake news.  Simultaneously, the Embassy used its social media platforms to raise awareness of the campaign, and in cooperation with United States International University, Africa held a panel discussion of fact-checking strategies for social media users.

Over the course of the year, the campaign will provide a mix of online activities, including an email series, an online quiz, blog posts, online chats, public outreach, educational videos, and an online pledge.  The Embassy’s five American Spaces, which reach across Kenya, will also provide platforms for in-person and virtual discussions with experts on media literacy tools.  Additional components of the campaign will include tapping Fulbright and other professional exchange programs to provide training opportunities both in Kenya and in the United States on ways to stop the spread of fake news.

“Fake news is undermining democracy in Kenya. It is eroding confidence in the news media, and a free and strong media is necessary for a strong nation.  Stopping the spread of fake news is everyone’s responsibility, and it requires strong collaboration between the media and the public,” said Ambassador Robert F. Godec.

Learn more about how to help people sort fact from fiction with #StopReflectVerify and #YALIChecks at our website is
Background on the YALI Network:
The YALI Network, one of the three components of the Young African Leaders Initiative, was established in December 2013to provide the tools and resources that will help young African leaders develop the skills and connections they need to become a positive force for change in their communities.  Through the YALI Network, young Africans can connect with other leaders in their community, and access free online courses on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to human rights and civic participation.  Also through the YALI Network members can access expert advice and resources from our large collection of blogs, toolkits, and other resources that help members grow and succeed as they work to achieve their professional goals.  More information is on the website,  The YALI Network has more than 500,000 members across Sub-Saharan African including 47,000 in Kenya.