Commonwealth Africa Summit Focuses on Youth, Gender Equality 

Delegates from across Africa are attending the Commonwealth Africa Summit in London – where the theme this year is the ‘Common Good’.

Topics under discussion include climate change and improving gender equality.

The Commonwealth has its origins in the British Empire – most members were former colonies – and Britain is hoping to rekindle those ties as it leaves the European Union.

Nineteen African countries are members of the Commonwealth – an organization that encompasses one-third of the world’s population.

The opening summit address was given by Maria Fernandez De La Vega, president of the Women for Africa Foundation. She said that “in the face of the ever-greater tolerance of inequality, we have to continue to cry out for equality.”

She said, “the combination of young people and women together will allow us to take a new look at Africa.”

Issues like gender equality are being tackled by other institutions like the United Nations and the African Union. So what is the point of the Commonwealth?