EALA assembly is preparing a bill to address Youth deficit in political leadership

East Africa Legislative Assembly Member Hon. Kennedy Musyoka has today said that the EALA assembly is preparing a bill that will obligate member states to elect at least six youths to the assembly.

Musyoka says this will go a long way in addressing the Youth deficit in political leadership.

“At the regional assembly, we are working on a bill that earmarks in the Assembly six seats from each partners states to go the youths” said Musyoka

The EALA legislator, who was addressing the 1st Regional Youth Forum – ACP-EU Joined Parliamentary Assembly at United States international University (USIU) today said although efforts have been put across to bridge this gap, youths have a duty to stand up and be counted.

Nominated Senator Mercy Chebei who also addressed the same forum said building of a skilled youth database, which will reflect on personal qualifications, and specialization will go a long way in addressing youth unemployment.

“Unemployment is a major macroeconomic problem facing Countries in the region, the development of an international database of field experts will create varied opportunities for different skilled youths who form the majority of the labour force in most countries to present an opportunity for labour exchange programs” said Chebei

She challenged the youth to turn their attention from the white-collar jobs to blue-collar jobs, which She says has a potential to give wider opportunities to the skilled labour.

The two young leaders said youths in the country are the majority and thus must use their numerical strength to push their economical and political agendas.

“We must take advantage of our numerical strength and tyranny of numbers and grab the opportunities that will place us as young people at the front line of our economy and by doing so we will truly claim our position in the changing world” asserted Chebei

“ Youths are powerful and they matter and despite this we find that we are underrepresented; you have a crucial role to paly in the region and the economy of our country – Kenya has nine million registered youth, if today we choose to elected leadership which carries our goals we can” said Musyoka.

African Caribbean and Pacific – Young Professionals Networks (ACP – YPN) director Ms Yentyl Williams says her motivation to create the youth network was to push for the youth agenda and voice in the giant world organizations and institutions.

“Our rights have a value and we need to valorize these rights, within the EU – ACP continued agreement, article 26 speaks of these rights and speaks to youth cooperation to on these issues” said Williams

She says youths need representation in all institutions including European Union, the African Union, the United Nations, among others and link young experts and institutions which are making decisions to simulate new and innovative ways of making policies.

Williams says in three years of advocacy, great strides for the youth have been realized with her organization having been able to push for youth representation in a many of these institutions.