Imrah Hakada Wins Two Crowns At KCB AutCross Nakuru Outing

The 5th round of KCB Autocross championship came to a dramatic close on Sunday 20th May 2018 evening at Rift Valley Motorsports club in Solai. Alfir Khan was posted the fastest speed clocking 00:01:41 during the third heat.

The big winners of the outing included Imran Hakada, Lovejyot Singh, Sahil Mughal and Yuvraj Rajput.

Imran Hakada won the 2WD Turbo ahead of Zameer Verjee and Kunal Patel while Shaz Ismail finished 4th during the outing.

Lovejyot Singh was crowned the champion in the 4wd turbo after clocking 8 minutes and 35 seconds ahead of Murage Waigwa, McRae Kimathi, Sahib Omar and Rehan Shah.

I am pleased with the victory today, it was very tough on the track but I am glad I won the KCB Autocross in my class”, said Singh.

Alfir who has won two KCB Autocross outings finished second behind Imran Hakada who won the open class clocking 12 minutes and 19 seconds. Kirit Rajput and Shalien Mughal finished second and third

“I am very thrilled to have won today’s outing, I had to reinvent the wheel in the final two heats which bore fruits”, said Imran.

Yuvraj Rajput won the Bambino class ahead of Tsevi Soni, Tsorav Soni, and Illiyun Mughal. Rajput clocked 00:08.49 ahead of Tsevi Soni who clocked 09:26.

I am very much delighted to have won today’s outing, it was tough but am very much happy to get a trophy”, said Yuvraj.

In other results of the day, Sahil Mughal won the 2wd non-turbo ahead of Hamza Anwar as Safina Khan finished 3rd during the outing in the same class.

Rift Valley Motor Sports Club designed a 2km’s track three weeks ago in readiness for the KCB Autocross Championship.

The practice lap saw Shalien Mughal, Hamza Anwar, Lovejyot Singh, Zameer Verjee and Yuvraj Rajput leading the various categories. Hamza Anwar clocked 00:05:44   while Shalien Mughal clocked 00:04:36 the fastest time of the day.