Leaders asked to be honest in their calls for unity

Deputy President William Ruto has asked leaders to be honest in their calls for unity and the building bridges initiative among Kenyans.


Mr Ruto said there was no need for some leaders to claim that they were ready to work with the Government in uniting the country while on the other hand claim that Jubilee did not win last year’s General Election.


Speaking at the St Francis Chaptarit Catholic Church, Mosoriot, Nandi County, on Sunday, Mr Ruto said dishonest leaders were a threat to democracy and unity of the country.


“The biggest threat to our democracy, our progress, and stability are people who have questionable democratic credentials; dictators who participate in elections, and yet they do not accept the outcome of any election,” said Mr Ruto.


He added: “Those are the people who threaten our democracy and our stability.”


Present were Lands Cabinet Secretary Farida Karoney, Nandi Governor Stephen Sang, Senator Kiprotich Cherargei, Wilson Kogo (Chesumei), John Waluke (Sirisia), Tecla Tum (Nandi), Kimani Ichungwa (Kikuyu), Cornelly Serem (Aldai) and Julius Melly (Tinderet).


The Deputy President said there was no need for some leaders to go round intimidating Jubilee members that it did not win the 2017 polls.


“As leaders, we should be honest, exercise truth, and not propaganda; the integrity of our actions should guide us,” added Mr Ruto.


He said people with questionable credentials were always a threat to democracy “because they don’t accept results of a democratically-held election.”


The Deputy President said a great nation that is responsive to the urgent need for unity and prosperity of all Kenyans cannot be built when some leaders are not sincere in the search for the same.


“We must watch out on such people,” said the Deputy President.


Mr Ruto said Jubilee won the last General Election on the platform of unity of Kenyans and its development track record since it took over the leadership of the country in 2013.


“There is, therefore, no need for someone to go round the country with propaganda that Jubilee did not win the last General Election. Kenyans decided and we won it fairly,” said Mr Ruto, adding that Kenyans recognised “our development agenda in terms of development of roads, connection of electricity, improvement of education, health, among other projects.”


The Deputy President said Kenyans do not  need the help of “other people” to make the Jubilee Administration a “legitimate Government” because they did it during the last General Election when they voted for it.


He assured the country that Jubilee would continue to embrace leaders irrespective of their political affiliations in uniting the country so long as they were sincere in their activities.


“Now that time for politics is over, leaders should put aside their political differences and forge a common development agenda for the sake of unity and development of the country,” said Mr Ruto.


The leaders, at the same time, hailed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s recent announcement that he does not support Constitutional amendments.


Mr Waluke told the Jubilee Party to be cautious while dealing with NASA leader Raila Odinga, adding that his recent unity pact with the President should be treated with care.


“The issue of the recent handshake should be truly about the unity of Kenyans and matters of politics should not be entertained. We are glad that the President has spoken his mind about the referendum and that the matter should now be put to rest,” said the Sirisia MP.


Mr Ichungwa and Mr Cherargei said the handshake lost meaning when some leaders used the opportunity to pursue their political interests at the expense of uniting the country.


“What is now clear is that the handshake has been used to push political agenda of some leaders. It’s now about the sharing of positions,” said Mr Ichungwa.


The Kikuyu MP said the people of Central Kenya were firmly behind the leadership of the the President and Deputy President.


“When the time comes, Central Kenya men to men, and women to women will vote for Mr Ruto to the last man in 2022,” said Mr Ichungwa.


Governor Sang said President Kenyatta has made it clear that it was time to focus on development and issues of referendum ‘are’ not there.