Music streaming service, Songa by Safaricom has announced the appointment of one of

Africa’s top music streaming business experts, Chinasa Udeala, as its new General Manager.

Chinasa Udeala  was until he joined Songa, the Regional Director East Africa of Boomplay Music

where he helped expand the streaming business significantly.

He had previously worked as East Africa Head of Business for  Spinlet, Head of Business and

Content Strategy Manager (East Africa) for Africori , one of the continent’s largest content


Mr Udeala holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of North London and a Masters Degree

in Strategic Marketing from University of Greenwich –London.

 “ I am very passionate about the Kenyan and African music industry. I want to help establish Songa as

the leading platform  for Local, African and international music in Kenya and on the continent.

I also want  to open the platform up to every local artists so they can upload their music and create an opportunity

for them to earn revenue. ”

Udeala said.

The Songa By Safaricomn music streaming service,  which was launched in Kenya earlier this year

has been long preparing  to ramp up its roll out and speed up expansion into various parts of the country.

” We are planning  to launch a new version this month aimed at  low end smartphones.

The new version will be twice as fast, use only small amounts of data and we will also resposnd

to consumer demand for a lower priced product. These are very exciting times I am looking forward to

Udeala added.