Government to support Public Relations Society of Kenya transformation efforts

…As the society unveils five-year Strategic Plan

24/07…The government has pledged support for ongoing efforts to transform the Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK) into a professional institute.

The transformation, from a Society to an institute will see PRSK pursuing a charter grounded in legislative instruments to further enhance the delivery of professional Public Relations services in Kenya.

Already, PRSK has named a ten-member Task Force comprising of PR practitioners to explore the necessary avenues to develop a National Assembly sanctioned regulatory framework for the society.

Speaking at the launch of the PRSK Five-year strategic plan at a Nairobi Hotel, Ministry of Information, Communications & Technology Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru, in a speech read on his behalf by Principal Secretary, Ms Fatuma Hirsi Mohammed, said the government will provide the necessary support to facilitate the transformation of the society.

The Government, he added, has also challenged the society to identify areas of partnership and interventions to guarantee the success of the Big 4 Agenda. Professional Public Relations practitioners, Mucheru noted, will play a key role through communication interventions such as awareness creation, attitude and behaviour change and successful implementation of programs by stakeholders.

“Your Task-Force will provide a way forward on the best approach to self-regulation, professionalization and standardization of the industry. As a Ministry, we will offer support where necessary and required to see this come to life,” Mucheru said.

The PRSK Strategic Plan, has been developed to enhance professionalism, respect, standards and acceptability of the profession in the broader professional industry in Kenya.

PRSK Chairperson, Jane Gitau while welcoming the government’s support described the new PRSK Strategic Plan as fundamentally important to the advancement of the public relations practice.

‘This five-year Strategic Plan comes at a time when there is intense desire to separate the wheat from the chaff of Public Relations and Communication Management,” She noted and added that, “Our revised Vision and Mission statements reflect the energy that comes with great ambition.”

Justin Green, the Chair-Elect of the Global Alliance for PR & Communication Management (GA) congratulated PRSK on this great step towards entrenching systems describing PRSK as a ‘leading light’ in the world of PR.

As a profession, PR has continued to grow since its establishment in the early 20th Century. The profession is increasingly becoming accepted as an integral part of organizational operations in many parts of the world including Kenya.

In Kenya, PRSK, with more than 800 active members currently and 2000 registered, was established in 1971 and serves as the professional body guiding the PR practice in Kenya. The

Society broadly seeks to advance excellence in Public Relations and Communication Management in Kenya and to ensure that the practice continues to thrive within the ethical framework defined by the profession.

PRSK is a founder member of the Africa Public Relations Association (APRA), the continental body for all PR national associations in Africa. At the global level, PRSK is a founder member of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communications Management (GA). PRSK also works in cooperation with other global bodies such as the International Public Relations Association (IPRA).