First Lady Margaret Kenyatta visits key facility providing Universal Healthcare solutions globally

Eindhoven (Netherlands), 26 JULY 2018-(PSCU)- First Lady Margaret Kenyatta on Thursday visited one of the leading health technology companies that provides Universal Healthcare solutions globally.

The First Lady who is in Netherlands to  attend the Global AIDS summit in Amsterdam visited the Philips Group Company in Eindhoven,  with the aim of exploring collaboration with her beyond Zero initiative.

The company focuses on improving people’s health and enabling better outcomes by providing modern health solutions across the world.

Philips pays special attention in research, design, development and manufacturing of world class health solutions.

The Centre in Eindhoven serves as a factory for modern health care solutions and a centre to demonstrate their innovative medical equipment.

The First Lady was taken through several healthcare facilities including those for Neo-Natal Intensive care (NISU) , Emergency room, Ex-Ray solutions and the community Life Centre Kits that are already being used to provide healthcare in Kiambu, Mandera and

Philip’s CEO Ronald de Jong who took the First Lady on a guided tour of the Phlips Centre invited the First Lady to visit the Nairobi Community Life Centre.

The First Lady also visited the Maxima Medical Centre in Veldhoven where she was taken through several departments of the largest health facility for critical care involving mothers and babies. The health institution is also under the umbrella of the Philips group.

The partnership that the First Lady is exploring with the Philips Group is aimed at an enhanced, efficient, and affordable healthcare system towards attaining UHC in Kenya as envisioned under President Kenyatta’s Big-4 agenda.

She is also exploring collaboration options in preparation for the construction of the proposed  Sh 2.2 billion State-of-the-Art Beyond Zero Referral Hospital in Nairobi.

After the extensive visit, Philips offered to assist Beyond Zero in modelling the design of the proposed specialized hospital.

He said Philips has and extensive  expertise in the coordination of concept design, implementation and operation.

The group also offered support in equipping the Beyond Zero Mobile clinics.

Besides incorporating all the features of a modern hospital the  Beyond Zero facility lays special focus on mothers and children with additional facilities for emotional wellness for those rescued from gender violence and Female Genital Mutilation related health complications.

At the Royal Philips Best-Customer Visit Centre, Chief Executive Officer Ronald de Jong said the innovative solutions produced by Philips are very relevant to Beyond Zero

The CEO said the group is ready to help Kenya transform its maternal and infant care-an area that Beyond Zero has focused on in the last five years.
Responding to Mr. Jong’s comments about what she had seen, the First Lady commended Philip’s commitment to support  a  dream similar to Beyond Zero’s mission that no woman should die while giving life.

“I really appreciate what you are doing to provide the world with innovative healthcare solutions. Your concept is very good,” said the First Lady

At the Maxima Medical Centre, the First Lady was taken through the family room where pre-term babies are taken care of by both care-givers and their mothers.

She was also taken through the delivery-cum training room among other facilities of the mother and babies hospital.

The First Lady later  visited the Philips Museum  to appreciate  the history of the group’s revolutionary journey of its inventions  for over 100 years.

The museum tells the company’s story from its first beginnings to the most recent technological innovation-starting with the first carbon wire light bulb to the most modern lighting systems before expanding its horizons to healthcare.
The guided tour was conducted by the Museum’s  Managing Director, Ms Olga Coolen