First Lady Margaret Kenyatta visits largest paediatric oncology centre in Europe as she concludes her Netherlands visit

Utrecht (Netherlands), 27 JULY 2018-(PSCU)- First Lady Margaret Kenyatta visited the largest Paediatric Oncology Centre in Europe as she wrapped up her official tour in Netherlands.

She visited the Princess Maxima Centre for Paediatric Oncology which specializes in the treatment of cancer in children.

The Centre which has a twinning partnership with Kenya’s Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) in Eldoret is rated the best Paediatric Oncology centre in Europe with a 75 per cent recovery rate for children with cancer.

Chief Executive Officer at the Centre Ms Diana Monissen said approximately 600 children are diagnosed with cancer in Netherlands alone. The special facility however receives children from all over the European region.

The centre brings together the best possible care and scientific research, creating a unique interdisciplinary institute for paediatric oncology in Europe. All the best oncologists in Netherlands are based at the centre.

The centre concentrates all care, experience and expertise with regard to cancer in children in a single location to facilitate research, diagnosis and treatment and further improve patient outcomes.

Although the cure rate for cancer has tremendously increased over the decades, said Ms Monissen, cancer remains the major cause of disease-related deaths in children in Netherlands.

Besides the usual healthcare and medical facilities, the centre has special facilities where the children can research on and follow their own cases on cancer (discovery place), as well as a music studio where the children can relax and enjoy various music  compositions.

There are also facilities where parents can stay and feed their recovering children.

Ms Monissen said the centre treats some of the most complex cancer cases in children

The Oncology centre runs under the Princess Maxima Foundation which is also the initiator of the World Child Cancer-NL Foundation that aims to train and advise healthcare professionals in developing countries, including Kenya, in paediatric oncology.

Currently, the Foundation is active at the MTRH but wishes to further participate in child cancer programs through outreach arrangements throughout Kenya.

After an extensive tour of the facility and discussions with Ms Monissen, the First Lady said the concept was very good for Kenya.

The First Lady was in Netherlands for the Global AIDS summit which ended Friday in Amsterdam.

Kenya was represented at the conference by a strong delegation led by the First Lady and the Chief Administrative Secretary for Health Dr. Rashid Aman.
During the conference, the Kenyan First Lady was overwhelmingly recognized as one of the key global personalities who have successfully made huge contributions in the war against HIV and AIDS.

She was specifically hailed for her passion, consistency, steadfastness and committed role in reducing mother-to-child transmission (eMTCT) of the HIV virus and spread of new infections among adolescents through her Beyond Zero drive.

Kenya was also recognized as having achieved significant milestones  in the war against HIV/AIDS.